Negative Space Stars (Eric Gjerde)

Gjerde, Eric
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
High intermediate
Paper ratio: 
Review of the paper used: 

Paper: hexagon with a side length of 9.75cm (from a 19.5cm square), elephant hide
Model: hexagon with a side length of 6.1cm


I, and I assume you too, am always on the lookout for new origami paper. I've gotten most of my stock from a certain giant crafts store near me. They only have about five different varieties. So naturally, I've been on the hunt for a much larger source. Would you recommend a good online store for paper? I also do love this transparent paper you use here. Is this 'elephant hide' something that can be purchased online somewhere?

P.S. I just ordered the book 'Origami Tessellations' by Gjerde, and it should be shipping within a day. Looking forward to it!

Elephant hide isn't transparent at all, actually. This one has a paper weight of 110gsm, and is thus quite heavy. Only with back lighting do you get a slightly transparent effect.
I haven't really bought paper online. That is, I have bought some paper from http://www.origami-s..., but nothing that I'd use for tessellations.
Thus far I've folded tessellations from pergamyn (40gsm) and elephant hide (110gsm). Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and I usually decide on which paper I use depending on the model.

Not sure whether this helps much...

-- Sara

I'll go look those up right now! Thank you, it helped quite a bit!

Sara i wanted to buy somethong online from origami shop and i want to buy something more with about 20 euros and i can't decide what to buy . I stuck between the origami tesselletions and the origami polyhedra which one do you advise me to take ?

They're very different books. If you're looking for lots of 3D, geometric designs and/or some maths background, then go for Origami Polyhedra Design. If you're interested in tessellations, go for Origami Tessellations. Both are excellent books. If you can't decide, and you have some more spare money, maybe getting both is an option. :)

-- Sara

Em, yes, that's what you often do when you travel to a different country. ;)
Just ask your bank (or your parents). If you buy stuff with a credit card and such, the conversion is done automatically.

-- Sara

Well, Sara. Yesterday night, i folded the "Aztec Twist", "Feild of stars" and "3464" From Eric's book... So you think i am up for the challenge by making this model??? It seems much harder than the aztec twist... So you think so??? =D

I don't think the "Negative Space Stars" is harder than "Aztec Twist", so I think you're up for it.

-- Sara

What size grid did you use for this model?

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