Open-Back Hexagon Twist (Eric Gjerde)

Gjerde, Eric
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Triangle Grid
Paper ratio: 

This model is still listed as one of the beginner's projects, but I did find it a bit more challenging than the previous ones. Also, I first folded it with transparent paper, and I didn't like the effect as much. And then there remains the question - which is back, and which is front? I prefer this side of the model, for a front view check

Paper: 19.5cm square of stiff paper, 115gsm


Joel's basket weave is actually another project in the book - this one doesn't actually follow a straight line like a proper weave. Joel introduced me to the proper weave techniques, which I believe is mentioned for his model.

I find this one easier to fold than the tightly-packed basket weave, but it has a different effect. There's many variants on this pattern and I highly suggest exploring them, it's quite a bit of fun.

If you're interested in finding out more on weaves, I also suggest looking at some of the research of Helena Verrill - she's got a lot of patterns and information online. (although some of it needs to be pulled up through a google cache or the wayback machine, as it's no longer available otherwise.)


Please make a video on this tessellation.

Why doesn't anybody iron their tesselations? I do so with all mine (except, of course, the 3D ones) and the paper is not affected at all. This one would look better flat.

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