Pangolin (Eric Joisel)

Joisel, Eric
Joisel, Eric
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Hi Sara,
What a brilliant origami model!
Like everything else Eric Joisel, (may he rest in peace,) folds and designs.
I am just curious, (I watched your video on the BOS anniversary,) what was he like?
I mean from everything I see (videos etc...) he seems to be a very nice man, I would just like to hear from somebody who met him since I never will :(

Thanks, Joe

I have to admit I didn't get to know Eric very well. But what I did see was very lovable. Eric was always funny and didn't take himself too seriously. He was also happy to share his passion. At the same time, I think he had a more quiet side to him, and did take his work very seriously. He put huge effort into his work and was truly an artist. I'm not sure it was always recognized by all that what Eric did isn't simply repeatable, e.g. by following diagrams. That, I guess is what does make his work real art - it is unique, and only his experience and dedication make it what it is. And a person's work, in my opinion, also mirrors what kind of person did it.

-- Sara

Wait Eric Joisel is Dead! I never knew, may he rest in peace. I ave always looked up to his origami like true art. Eric Joisel you shall always be remembered.


Sad! I didn't know he is dead.
I met him at a bos convention many years back.
He was a very gentle and quiet person. Extremely talented.
He is missed greatly.

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