Ryu Jin (Satoshi Kamiya)

Kamiya, Satoshi
Kamiya, Satoshi
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This eastern dragon was folded from a 2m square piece of paper. It took Satoshi about two months to complete. He said he folded it only once - and doesn't plan on doing it again. Can we blame him?


I wanna do it... I really wanna do it... I really don't kare about the time or patience... I've got both... it is a perfekt piece of work... and I love origami almost as much as I love dragons, and I reeeeeally love eastern dragons...
nyaaaaaaa (Douka satoshi-san, be my origami sensei)

It is too bad Kamiya-san doesn't publish the CP any longer. If now I can buy it from anywhere, even though it costs $100, I'll buy it!!

What??? The 3.5 cp is in Kamiya's book "World of Super Complex Origami" and it is only like 50 bucks....

Now he has published the CP (Crease Pattern) of Ryu Zin (or Ryu Jin) 2.1. It is on his top page of his site. CP of Ryu Zin 3.5 can be found somewhere on the Internet but I shall NOT tell any of you where it is.

To Arcangelxy,
It's very annoying that you said "Please upload the video, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Don't you know that it would take Sara a year, or more, to make the video when she is folding it. And IT TOOK SATOSHI TWO MONTH TO FOLD IT. Finally, the diagrams aren't published by anyone. Only CP of Ryu Zin 2.1 which can be found here http://www.folders.j... and here http://www.folders.j...

P.S. I was just kidding on my last post.

you said ".. shall NOT tell .."-> i wonder why?

how did he no the cp if he didnt want to make it agian and why would he want to unfold it?

the cp doesnt look hard but im not going to try it -_- well i might get it in

i mest up on the last comment srry i met to say get it in bigger paper

Shall not tell? Serously ALL please in Ogami are all fkin shellfish dont share right except Jasoph Wu

A quick Google search will get an incorrect (and unofficial) CP, but I won't tell what is wrong. (Yes, I found the official CP! It's blurry, but I figured it out.)

Do you know how much work it would be even making a guide on how to collapse the cp??? Have you even seen it? It would take a whole lot of years to make diagrams, and Satoshi has no time for that. Plus, what's his obligation? He has none... It isn't his duty to show people how to fold his models... Fold it from the CP, or don't fold it at all. If you can't figure the CP out, then there is no way for you to make it even with diagrams. It took him 2 months just to fold it... Also, learn how to spell, kid.

Can anyone tell me if a 5-ft square of Kraft paper is appropriate for my 1st try on this model? The most complex CP I've folded is SK's Phoenix 3.5 (very easy for me), but any tips on 3.5's CP?
(Finding it was easier than collapsing the phoenix CP, by the way!)

I think it will be a challenge if you find the Phenix easy but I think you can make it!

where can I get the instructions to fold this model? It sounds like other people have diagrams for it. Maybe post a link where I can buy the diagrams.

Sorry, there are none. Diagrams for this would take decades to make, AND WOULD BE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TO BUY... The only way to make it is to use the crease pattern in Satoshi's book: World Of Super Complex Origami. It is the only correct CP I've seen. The rest that can be found online are incorrect... So yeah... that is pretty much the only way to do it... Oh ,and don't bother even looking at the CP if you are not experienced with origami... You are probably new to this, since you are asking this question. That cp is terrifying to look at... Then again, it isn't so scary after doing a bunch of different test folds from sections of it. Try at your own risk. :D

Just beautiful, nothing to say! what paper he used for this model Sara ?

I wanted to know if we can use the kraft paper 50x50 cm 28g / m² from origami shop
for good and beautiful results for models Satoshi kamiya as wizard and mammoth. I don't like tissue foil and tissue for origami.

Thank you in advance for your reply Sara.

Sara, you can make this origami ryujin 3.5 took 3 weeks

The word Ryujin translated from Japanese is Dragon god. The Ryujin is a symbol of the oceans power in the Japanese mythology. I’m going to start by looking at crease patterns of origami I’ve learned to fold from diagrams and videos. Then try to fold from less complex crease patterns and work my way up to the ryujin.

I liked your work very much try to creat more beautiful models but this was the best are you making the diagrams of Ryujin 3.5 if yes very nice best of luck Satoshi

Oi eu sou Eduardo eu sou brasileiro. É quando eu tinha seis anos eu fazia origamis mas o seu eu me apaixonei. E agora eu estou com 13 anos e eu queria pedir do fundo do meu coração por favor seja meu origami sensei e eu imploro de joelho no milho,me ensine a fazer esse dragão cujo nome é ryujin 3.5 por favor eu imploro profundamente.muito obrigado espero que atenda ao meu pedido

Half bad to fold very complex.

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