Splash! (Swan) (Satoshi Kamiya)

Kamiya, Satoshi
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 

Folded on 4 June 2008 from a 19.5cm square


cool model!:D

i need help with steps 20-26. The diagram looks wierd
and i don't get it!
no i thinks its help.
H E L P!

Step 4: Just bring in the lower left and right corner to match the centre of the bottom edge. You will create two vertical edges on the side, and need to crimp some spare paper in the centre of the model. Shouldn't be too hard, actually. Hope it helps.
Step 5-6: Precrease, then inside reverse fold the two lower corners.

I have NO idea what you ment; I guess origami teaching trough text-only isn't very helpful!


I fold the model and added the pics to my homepage! Click on my name and look around!

Unfortunately, I can't leave a comment on your site without signing up, so I'll fall back to here.
Sorry to hear that the explanation didn't help, but you did figure it out in the end. So, well done!
As to taking pictures - using flash is a bad idea whenever your model is folded with foil. But I've found that holds in just about any case. As your models shouldn't move it's ok to work without flash - at least it works for me. But then again, I don't know much about photography myself. I'd actually like to learn a bit about it. [Staying true to origami, I have to admit it's mostly because I'd like to make better pictures of my folds.]

it came out weird, yes, I know, I will try it again this afternoon, but what do you think of the model? I know the head came out strange, but the paper that I used was too small, I will use a larger paper today! Check around 6:00 PM and up for the new version that I plan on using...

Hey Sarah,
I'm stuck on step 22 and I tore my model twice trying to make the sink fold specified in step 22. How many layers of paper do I sink?

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