Veiltail Angelfish (Satoshi Kamiya)

Kamiya, Satoshi
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Sea Life
Paper ratio: 

Satoshi Kamiya also taught a workshop at the CDO Convention 2009 for his fish. It was somewhat - let's say unconventional: he said he'd teach "John Montroll style": he handed out diagrams and paper, and then was there for questions. He'd scheduled 3 hours, but most of us were done with the model after about 2 hours, and I am surprised by how nice my first fold looks. It's surely connected to the awesome paper Satoshi gave us. He said it was gampi paper. It was quite thin, but strong, and took creases extremely well. In the end the paper did turn a bit soft, and I strengthened the three points that the model stands on with methyl cellulose. Before the paper bent, but not the model stands on its own.

And the good thing is, I now even have diagrams for it, so I can reproduce the model. Needless to say, I grasped the opportunity and had Satoshi Kamiya sign that diagram. :)

Paper: 30cm square of gampi
Model: 22.5cm high, 11cm wide


The model has 114 diagrammed steps. There's a couple of repeats, but not excessively many.

-- Sara

where find diagram? i have made it from crease pattern but i like to try diagram for angelfish

where did u get the crease pattern

The CP is available on Kamiya's site, It is all in japanese, so you may want to plug that URL into google, and let google translate it first!

Yes, there are a couple of complex steps in that model. The model isn't as complex as - say the Ancient Dragon, but that model I'd actually rank as "super-complex". ;)

-- Sara

good fold by the way!!

ok, thanks for a quick reply!

if you have permission can you please upload the diagrams in the diagrams section of your website?? would be awsome!!

Sorry, I don't think Satoshi wished others to upload the diagrams.

-- Sara

it almost looks like a complex version of the traditional fish..... with fins and a non-cut tail

Can you please make a video then?

Can you ask permission to upload the diagrams or satoshi kamiya didn't give or to you as e did with videos?

Same person as above. Sorry i wanted to say that he didn't give permission to upload diagrams as he did with the videos?

Is it possible if you can do a video on this fantastic model? Well, I folded the scorpion and I really want another video in the complex range... If it is possible, can you please do a video on it... I tried looking everywhere for the diagrams, but sadly couldnt... I would love it if you do! Thanks!

I fear I won't be making instructional videos on any of Satoshi Kamiya's models. Kamiya-san prefers it this way, and I respect that wish.

-- Sara

i no this this is another stupid question but where can you get diagrams?

p.s. can you make a time lapse

I don't think they have been published yet.

-- Sara

They are in the origami tanteidan magazine 120. I got them and it is amazing!

Renaming links -_-

You mean html? you can add a tag <a href="link">link name</a> and then the link name will lead to that page.

-- Sara

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps. TY means thank you, right?

ive made this from diagrams lots of times but never with great paper like gampi


I would like if there would be an update with a video.


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