Armor Ball (鎧玉) (Toshikazu Kawasaki)

Kawasaki, Toshikazu
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
6 units
Paper ratio: 

Paper: 6 square sheets of Kraft, 15cm / 6in, 80gsm, blue/white/purple
Model: sphere with a diameter of approx. 6.25cm / 2.5in

At the BOS Autumn 2013 Convention last weekend this model immediately struck me. Only later did I find out it was one of Kawasaki-san's new designs. Apparently many others fell in love with it immediately just like me, because the next day Kawasaki-san taught it in an unplanned workshop.

I knew I had to fold it a second time as soon as possible. This is it!
Only during the workshop did I realize that this model has a twist - literally. The left and right model on the above picture are actually the same one - just before and after the final step. Who would have guessed?
Love it!

(I am unsure of the correct translation of 鎧玉, which is what the model is called in Japanese. I'll try to find out what Kawasaki-san wants it to be called. Also feel free to correct me if "Armor Ball" is totally off.)



I tried folding this one all the way back from Edinburgh to Manchester on the train. I think everybody on the train heard my frustrations. I've still not been able to successfully fold this despite several attempts. I think I might have forgotten some key step or something.

Beautiful model, beautifully folded. Lovely colors. I will search for instructions. Please let me know where this is published if known.


I've already added a link to the book where diagrams are published - you just have to wait a little longer for it to be available. :)

-- Sara

Andrew Ting learned this model from KAWASAKI-san's class at JOAS. With Andrew's help, I managed to fold one before our 5th Sunday-of-the-month meeting ended at Carol Stevens' house. I've folded another one tonight, just to be sure I could. I then ran a Google search and found myself here.

What a charming, sturdy model.

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