Spiral Snail Shell (Toshikazu Kawasaki)

Kawasaki, Toshikazu
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Sea Life
Paper ratio: 


hey sara i love this model where is the video or the video but no in the book

bye you are wondeful

Unfortunately, Toshikazu Kawasaki would prefer me not to post videos on his designs online. I think he is concerned what others within the online community might do with the video once I post it. I will of course respect his wish, and therefore no video will be up on the Spiral Snail Shell.

Sorry for this,

-- Sara

Bueno no es para tanto, me agrada mucho el modelo pero que mal que no haya video ni nada para saber como se hace.

Esta mal que pongan los modelos solo para verlos asi no tiene mucho sentido.


Good it is not for so much, the model pleases me very much but that badly that there is neither video nor anything to know since is done.

This one badly that the models put alone to see them this way does not have very much felt.


I translated my commentary for which as you did not answer it supposed that it was for that it was in Spanish

Yes, it's basically the same technique for the top - just that Toshikazu Kawasaki first has to create the four flaps, while Tomoko Fuse just has a sheet for each one.

Hi Sara what size paper did u use

The model shown in this picture was folded from a 15cm square of kami.

-- Sara

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