Cutie Cat (Marc Kirschenbaum)

Kirschenbaum, Marc
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
High intermediate
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 

Any resemblance to Hello Kitty must be purely coincidental...

Paper: 29.5cm square of tissue foil, pink/white
Model: 10.5cm wide, 6.75cm high


you should definantly make a vid of this model that is if marc doesnt mind
but if not i understand i hope i can get a tanteidan book one day:)

it definitely looks like hello kitty. and for the purely coincidental part, that was the same thing that i think jeremy shafer said for a model that looked like pikachu


The joys of copyright and registered trademarks...
Also see: Spenjurmunni (Robert Lang), Yellow Bird (Satoshi Kamiya), Familiar Starship (Jeremy Shafer), and many many others

-- Sara

why have you not done any origami by J. shafer...... well i no he makes alot of weird things but cool thing as enterprise or familiar ship, flasher hat and supreme, etc.

most of his thing can be found on

i was just wondering why u have not made anything by shafer just ignore the last comment the one about by the way i dont have origami to amuse either but had it

you used some big paper for yours i used 15 cm and the bows pleats got messy

good fold! could you please answer these questions. how many steps does this have?and were there any hard collapses or any other complex procedures??

The diagrams consist of 77 step. There are no hard collapses, but quite a couple of sinks, and some of those are a bit tricky. You also have to wrap around paper for colour changes.
It's been a while since I folded it, but I think I'd rate it as high intermediate. The model is harder to fold that I'd thought when I first saw a fold of it.

-- Sara

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