Three Butterflies (Michael LaFosse)

LaFosse, Michael
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
Paper ratio: 

large butterfly: 14.75cm square of double batik paper (brown/purple)
smaller butterflies: 5.8cm squares of washi, painted with bronze acrylic paint on the reverse

large butterfly: Mudarri Luna Moth, wingspan of 10.7cm, height of 7cm
smaller butterflies:
Butterfly for Emiko Kruckner (dominantly bronze), wingspan of 4cm, height of 3cm
Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly (dominantly Washi), wingspan of 4cm, height of 3cm

This is one of the prizes from my giveaway celebrating 50.000 subscribers. Indeed, it's one of the prizes for the "extra" winners of giveaway 5, where they could pick which of the prizes from giveaways 1 to 4 they'd like to receive.
Not only did I get several wonderful messages from this viewer, he also gave me free reign as to which model to fold: my favorite one, the one I felt like folding, from the paper I wanted to use. This actually resulted in a fold I immensely enjoyed. I decided not to stick with the five models I'd suggested, but really just go with what I wanted to fold at that point. And it was immediately clear to me: it had to be a butterfly by Michael LaFosse.
For paper choice, I decided to glue two sheets of batik tissue paper together. And because I cannot seem to fold just one butterfly by Michael LaFosse when I do, I also took two small sheets of Washi, painted them bronze on the reverse, and added two tiny butterflies.

So, this is what happens when I really feel connected to someone technically a stranger, they go out of their way to express their gratitude, give me all the flexibility I like - and my son decides to take a late afternoon nap. Such a pleasure!


At this point...
I'll never stop thanking you.

So this way I'll have three wonderful gifts, made with handmade paper, much more personal than anything else.
But, as if all of this was not enough, I also win this webpage.

This is priceless.

I'm not worthy, but I love it, I truly love it.


I'm glad (and a bit proud) I 've make you felt "immensely enjoyed" and "Such a pleasure!"

There's no words to describe how happy and proud I am right now.

I have no words, I can just say Thank you.

Thank you.
Alex --

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