A Miura-ken Beauty Rose (Robert Lang)

Lang, Robert
Lang, Robert
Model type: 
Flowers & Plants


Any chance of a video for the rose? Lang has the CP on his website and I can collapse it but beyond there....totally lost. I can never get the petals to lock into place.

I haven't mastered this model yet, but am hoping I will figure it out in the next couple of months. Maybe then I can make a video of it. For now my latest attempt can be seen at http://www.happyfold...
By the way, the crease pattern is somewhat incorrect. In the crease pattern the diagonal folds all meet on the grid, but if you follow the diagrams this is not true. The farther up you go (the smaller the sections get), the farther in (the more to the right) the diagonal folds will meet. this changes how the model gets collapsed a bit, and thus the model overall.

I always have been interested in Origami ...

... these things on the webpage are really wonderful!!!

yeah there is only like one video of this rose and he fast forwards through some important stuff, so if you can make a video (it would be SOOO great) on how to make this then you will be worshiped for like....ever,,, much obliaged

Ah, I fear I don't master this model enough yet to make a video on it. Also, I'm not sure it's suitable for a video, as shaping the model takes considerable time.

-- Sara

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