Layered Passion Flower (Meenakshi Mukerji)

Mukerji, Meenakshi
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
30 units
Flowers & Plants
Paper ratio: 

No, I'm just not made for modular origami...

Paper: 30 sheets of 3.75 x 15cm strips of paper (60gsm)
Finished model: 13cm diameter


That is a very nice model! I don't think it's as 'not so satisfactory' as you claimed it to be. I also like the coloration.

Hi Sara!

Why dya say you aren't made for modular origami? This model has come out really well. The color combination makes it look really interesting too. Great job!! :D

That is great, i wish i had the skill to work something like that. i will give it a try, but it probably won't look that good. a gorgeous piece.

How long did it take to do something like that? I imagine that would take me days upon days.

omg this is so beautiful =]. ive been doing origami since 3rd grade (im only 13). i hope one day i can get up to this skill level =]. you are so insparational!

This is lovely. Simply marvellous but there are no diagrams or videos. Please post some.
I would like to see them.

Do you even know what Sara has to do to be able to post diagrams and/or make a video? She first has to get the permission of the origional creator of the model, which, in this case, she did not get!

Actually, I haven't asked Meenakshi thus far. I might in the future, but have no immediate plans. I have a couple of other videos lined up first.

-- Sara

Well how do you just know whether she got a permission or not?
you cannot just come to your own conclusions that is very bad.

I know what she needs to do first
I just requested thats all
she has answered to my question and thats enough i am contented.
i dont need any answers from unknow people about whom i dont care

Do you know whether meenakshi mukerji is an indian.
Her name sounds like a true indian.

Well one question to you sara
Have you ever been to india?
If so tell me how much you liked it

I have gone to india and i found it a very beautiful place

What kind of paper did you use?
One more doubt
Where do you get these origami papers?
do they sell it in all shops?

I will be happy if you answer to my questions

For this model I used normal origami paper, which I bought at Muji. The pack includes 80 sheets of 15cm squares, in 27 assorted colours.
You can find paper that's suitable for origami in most arts and crafts stores. Not as many shops carry paper that's called "origami paper" and is precut to squares, though. With a bit of experimenting you can find out which paper you like best for folding.

-- Sara

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