Mette's Ring (Mette Pederson): Paolo Bascetta's Variation

Bascetta, Paolo
Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Model type: 
12 units
Paper ratio: 
Review of the paper used: 

small ring: 12 sheets of 5cm squares, elephant hide
larger ring: 12 sheets of 7.5cm squares, elephant hide

small ring: height of 1.35cm , diameter of 5cm
larger ring: height of 2cm, diameter of 7.2cm

What do you do with some "scraps" of left-over elephant hide? Exactly, cut some small squares from it, and fold Mette's Ring. Actually, this is a small variation. Rather than making the ring quite 2D (as suggested in the diagrams), I followed Dáša's advice and folded this variation. In essence, rather than folding the module in half in the last step, you broaden that one crease to a wider area. And, as it turns out, Paolo Bascetta published this variation in his book. :)

By the way, this image shows all the shades of elephant hide I have.
In the small ring I used: bright white, light gray, dark gray, black.
In the larger ring I used: white, chamois, light brown.
For the backdrop: light gray.

Ah, probably worth mentioning: at this size the elephant hide was quite thick. I made good use of my bone folder instead of ruining my finger nails.


I think Michael LaFosse has that same design in his book "Origami Activities", called "Chinese Zodiac Wheel". Seems like several people have discovered the same 3D ring independently. He also has an 8-unit variation called "I Ching Wheel" in the same book.

GREAT ring!!!!

try how you like it best and try to find a good reference to make all units the same

Simply define a reference for yourself and repeat that. I think I aligned a corner with an intersection of two layers of paper back when I folded this - but I also made it up on the spot.
Don't be scared to experiment!

-- Sara

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