Zip (Giles Towning)

Towning, Giles
Towning, Giles


That is awsome. I wonder if it actually works..........

Of course it works. :)
Opening the zip is a bit harder than closing it, but both work surprisingly well. Ingenious!


It does, The fastener mechanism goes up and down ant the zip opens and closes. I love Giles's stuff. Diagrams for much of his work (not the Zip that is too new) are available from the British Origami Society in the form of a very reasonably priced publication. See BOS Website.

I really like this !
It's quite interesting, well executed and a little bit " tongue in cheek" !
Always enjoy humor in origami .
I'm going to throw caution to the wind, and venture a guess that this is not " one uncut square " .
Very nice !

Hello Sara are there any diagrams for this model? i think we would all appreciate it please reply

I don't think diagrams for this exist (yet).

is this model or creation made from units?

Yes, indeed it is. I'm not sure how many modules it requires, but there's more than just a few.

-- Sara

does is work or is it just for decoration?

It actually works, although you probably have to be a bit more careful than with a real zip...

-- Sara

How big is that????????

It was quite big. I think the model was about a meter long or so. Not sure, it's been a while.

-- Sara

that guy haves A LOT of time on his hands!

hey Giles, Love the paper works of art you leave on the table at M and s in andover Im Lindsey and I requested an octopus, LOVE the zip

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