Bat (Anita Barbour): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Origami "Hungry Bat" by Anita Barbour

This is a nice model for Halloween!


Hmm, This video seems to end when i press play, maybe repost it on a youtube video, instead of the metacafe one?

hi im ana and im 10 year old and i do origami
at school i have a sheet of paper that people sing intoo have an origami from but they have to pay one pence or more for that
then when i have enoght money i give it to pets conner because more than 50 animals died and they need money
please send a message to my email and talk to me because i wanted to know more about origami but with you thx
please please plese

hi, I am yong hao and i am just 11 years old. I like folding origami very much and i learnt quite a few origamis already but i am still wanting to fold more nice and fun origamis can you please help me.


You can follow other videos I've made, download some diagrams online, or buy origami books. If you are up for a challenge, you can also try folding from crease patterns, or designing some of your own models. Those resources should keep you busy for a long time. :)

-- Sara

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