Matchbox (David Brill): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Model type: 
Action models
Paper ratio: 
1 : 3


hey sara its me, redgator 12. agian, thank you for the videos and for this website. i wish i could meet you but you wouldn't like to be hanging out with a origami crazy 13 year old. and your in the uk and im not. but yeah do you have yahoo instant messenger? i wanna talk to someone and i think it would be cool to chat with someone who likes origami like i do.

Hi there,

first of all, it's always great to get together with people that are enthusiastic about origami - no matter how old they are.
Having said that - unfortunately, I don't have yahoo instant messenger.

Hi there,

I stumbled onto your website through You Tube. Can i just say Job well done on the website and its nice to see the work of a talented paper folder, I'm currently working on a 5 foot Kawasaki rose for my Installation work in university and i understand how difficult it can be to make larger models like the ones demonstrated in your site.
Keep u the amazing work hun!

Hi Sara, Thanks for putting up all those videos up on online. thanks alot

i know this is a little off-topic but justlast night i finally finished the hercules beetle from the works of satosh kamiya i used a piece of plain A3 paper it is a stunning model and kamiyas diagrams are very easy follow even for a child like myself
i highly recommend that you try it if you havent already


Dave Brill suggests using paper that 30cm x 10cm (12in x 4 in).

I would actually say that this is not an intermediate model, but a low intermediate one. I found it very easy and quick to make. Sara, I think you should change the difficulty level on this model.

what type of paper would u recommend

I don't think it matters hugely which paper you use for this model. Nothing too floppy, I guess. Foil-based paper will work especially well, I think - but Dave Brill doesn't work with that kind of stuff. :)
Using paper that's red on one side and white or beige on the other does add a lot to the overall effect of the model.

-- Sara

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