Star "Hilli" (Klaus-Dieter Ennen): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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5 units
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Christmas Origami Instructions: Star "Hilli" (Klaus-Dieter Ennen)

More info on the book (including where to buy): http://www.happyfold...

Paper used in this video: 5 sheets of 7.5cm squares of kami (3in)
Finished model: diameter of approx. 10cm (4in)


Thanks to you, Sara. You very clever to folding the paper to us with the different things that we never seen them before. I will do it to put them on the chrismas tree that you did it before. Thanks!!!

I never believed I could master origami
This one is truly lovely.
It occurred to me it is all math.
Your gift in teaching is outstanding .
I love the way you speak and your vocabulary Is delightful.

You are a special Person
I am teaching a 6 year old . We just love doing origami mak it so easy.

Have you heard of pinterest? I want your permission to link to your site by 'pinning' it (it's a way of maintaining all the credit where it belongs!) and it might get you (even) more hits!

Yeah I have to admit it is one of the very few sites I have seen that focuses just on making things just by folding. How the hell do you make these things? They are so good. Some of the things you make are stunning and unbelievable for the fact they are made with paper.

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