Crowding Butterflies (Shuzo Fujimoto): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Tessellations and Fractals
Paper ratio: 


If you mean the Heart Bookmark by Kim Best: I will not be doing any videos on her designs until I have her consent. Unfortunately, thus far she has not responded to my request.

I always visit your website, but first i saw many of your vids on youtube,which sparked an intrest for origami. I now am making models as complex as robert lang's hercules beetle any lots more. i am interested in seeing a video for chares esseltine's dragon if you have the time thank you for the great videos! :)

I tried contacting Charles Esseltine some time before Christmas, but haven't heard back yet. I'll give it another month or so, and might then try again. I'd been thinking about making a video on his Dragon in Flight.

-- Sara

I enjoy your website very much. I have been folding for about 2 years and it has been a god-send in my retirement. I'd like to see a video of Nicolas Terry's Little Big Duck or one of Tomoko Fuse's six or eight sided boxes. All the best, John

I'm not sure what you mean by the question. The picture you refer to is indeed a combination of this model and Hydrangea, also by Shuzo Fujimoto. It's definitely a nice idea, put well into practice.

What I meant is that: Are there any additional steps or optional steps to make the pollinating butterflies? And, if so, what are the steps?

I already tried to find out, but I couldn't find out how to continue making levels for the hydrangea part of the model, so I just stuck to a level one pollinating butterflies model.

I think I figured out how to do more than one stage on the flower. You go to the back, sink the corners of the square and then push up the pyramid shapes and collapse them to get another square.

I just folded the crowding butterfies model, and figured how to do the pollinating butterflies.

First, fold crowding butterflies in its entirety. The 4 butterflies in the middle are actually just 1 layer of the hydrangea model, which you can see by the square on the back of the model. So just do the the hydrangea tesslelations on that square/4 butterflies and you should end up with pollinating butterflies.

Hope this helps!

I guess you can give it a try.
I saw the picture it was awesome
You can give it a try only if you know how to do the hydrangea :)

I had folded the crease pattern a long time ago, but had a lot of trouble with the collapse...
thank you for the video - it really helped a lot! I was able to get it collapsed, but the back side had paper underneath the central square - which prevented the butterflies from opening...
I re-did the collapse a few times, and finally got it to work!

Many thanks,

Sara, I just got done with this folding, and it was really fun. Great videos too. Tell me though, is this design limited to an 8x8 grid? I'm working on this for an assignment in an Industrial Design Class, and I'm wondering if there is any way to make one with more butterflies; if this has the potential for unlimited expansion, out to 24, or 48 or however many can be made... or is it just limited to 12 butterflies?


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