Knob Box (Jorge E. Jaramillo): Instructions by Anna Kastlunger

Kastlunger, Anna
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The lid (knob box) is designed by Jorge E. Jaramillo, the box itself is a design by Anna Kastlunger. She also made this video. While I haven't folded the model from it yet, I watched the first three parts. They are done very well, and in great detail. Kudos to Anna!


Hello Sara
Just wanted to ask what is the difficulty for this model

I folded it for the first time just now, and would say it's an intermediate model. The folding itself is simple enough, but collapsing the lid is a bit tricky.

-- Sara

this reminds of the creases for the rose. sara, do u think it would be possible theoritacally that a more complex rose could be made using the creases made in the 3rd part of the video in the beginning? the rose im referring to is the one made by barbajellata, im not sure who originally folded that particular rose.

thanks dave,

I am sure you can fold a box with a rose instead of the knob. How to achieve that is a different question. :)

-- Sara

the rose you are talking about is the kawasaki rose

Ms. Adams I can fold very complex models like the firey dragon on tadashi moris channel but what I cant figure out is paper thickness what weight should I use for this model?

p.s. love your videos they are very helpful

p.s. correct me if Im wrong for saying ms. (miss mrs. ect.)

Just to clarify, this video was done by Anna Kastlunger.
As to paper choice - it's different for every model. When I folded this one ( http://www.happyfold... ), I used plain origami paper (kami), and that worked well. I believe it might turn out nicer with other paper, but believe it's foldable from quite plain paper, too.

-- Sara

Is it possible to make the diamond on the top without folding the whole lid?


I would love to know what kind of paper she is using. It looks like its got a lovely crispness and strength. I don't know that I've seen anything quite like it around here. (California). It looks like it would be good for tessellations which is what I mostly do.

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