Rat (Eric Joisel): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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I just wanted to pass by and say ¡¡THANK YOU!! for taking your time and doing this videos, it's great. After i finished the first rat, i ended up doing six (in a period of two days) and they're geting better :). I use to do origami when i was a little boy, and now thanks to you I got back on track.

Hope to see more of your videos on the future.

cheers, all the way from Mexico.

p.s excuse if my english isn´t wright.

Hi Sara!

Excellent tutorial, nice pace and spoken calmly and very nice that you take the time to teach people how to fold!

Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

You know sara I put up a stall full of origamis which I learned from this site in my school and in the end the principal praised me and gave a small trophy. Thanks to you sara my collection of trophies are increasing. WITHOUT this website I wouldn't have got such great talent in me and a trophy too. Thanks to you again. HATS OFF HAPPYFOLDING AND SARA!!!

thank you for showing me how to make the origami rat.

Hi Sara,

I folded this model today with the help of your instructional videos. I used 'tissue paper' which one normally uses for gift wrapping purposes though. Apart from it being a little too flimsy, I was able to fold this model quite easily since the paper was fine / thin. I found your videos really helpful and easy to follow. Thank you very much. The manner in which you have marked out the folds with felt tip markers makes it a lot easier, too. :)

This is how every origami tutorial should be. When you become a famous designer, I will love to meet you and have your atuograph. Okay? These are just amazing videos! Every single one of these. I just am speechless on how well you do every single one of these models. You are The Best! This is the next project for me for sure! This is just so breathtaking. Hope to meet you someday! You are awesome! Incredible job!

Sara thank`s for the videos. Brilliant. Have you tried to make David Derudas Cobra? I would really want to see how it`s made....I think you can do it..Once again great work!

Yes, sad indeed. Eric passed away on 11 October 2010.

-- Sara

I'm just fond of that rat, and now I think I can manage to do it. But, what size and kind of paper do you recommand ? Can I do with 20x20 cm ? or 15x15 (it seems a little bit smal isn't it ?)

thank you

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