Atlantic Purple Sea Urchin (Robert Lang): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
High intermediate
Model type: 
Sea Life
Paper ratio: 



Minute 9, you push the point out in a "reverse" sink fold. Whenever I do that fold, I tend to "crinkle" my paper, if you will. I find that if the fold shows in the final result, it doesn't look too good. Is there any better way to do this fold than to just push out the point? Does it look neater once you've had a lot of practice? To me this is the most awkward fold I've learned.


hi! you are a profesionist folder and i want to know if you could help me? I don't understand what you do at min 8:20...i couldn't do this because i don't understand and the book isn't explicite, too. Could you do something more clear, please?

what are u doing with the fish base on video #2 are u turning it into a frog?

you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just a kid but i managed to make it correctly all the way through

this is a thank you for all of your videos. they are clear and understandable and help me out a lot. thanks..

Hey. in the first video at 8:30 or so, when you fold the flap over, and you see that square shaped crease, is it supposed to be one piece? when I do it, there is an even smaller flap in the center of the square crease, and i have no idea why. this is sort of confusing so if you don't understand thats fine.

Sorry, I don't see a square-shaped crease at 8:30, or shortly before or after. Could you clarify?
However, I can't see how you're supposed to have a flap in the center of a crease - that'd mean there's an extra layer on top, right?

-- Sara

in video 2 the very last step; the step that was cut off is the one i'm confused on. Canyou help me?
my "homepage" isn't really a homepage it's just a flicker

Thank you for posting a tutorial video for this model. I am just curious what type of paper are you using and what dimensions it has?

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