Will you be my Valentine? (Stacy Mannes): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
High intermediate
Model type: 
Valentine's Day
Paper ratio: 

Valentine's Day Origami Instructions: Will you be my Valentine? (Stacy Mannes)

Paper used in this video: 24cm square of kami (9.5in), 7cm square of kami (2.75in)
Finished model: height of 11cm (4.5in), width of 8cm (3in), small heart: width of 4cm (1.5in)


Yes, I mentioned it in the long version of the tessellation guide. :)

-- Sara

Thanks for the video! :) I watched over it and now I know why I shouldn't use a 15cm square for the standing heart. Now, all I need is big paper!

hi sara!...i love your origami models...erm when are you going to make the "Llopio's Moment Of Truth" model?...i ask as you have said that your going to make it for quite a while now...i keep expecting the video...

Life is really stressful right now, so I've had to push that video back again and again. In the end, I fear, my video project is just a hobby and I have to ensure that my work and dissertation don't suffer from it. Hope you understand.

-- Sara

yes i understand. take your time. don't rush into i.
aslong as it is a good video in the end, im happy...:)


Is really nice and beauty your creation. I would like to have the diagrama but the link dosen´t work..could you help me please.

Thanks very much

The link works for me. Can you try again? It may take some time to load, as it's a bigger file.

-- Sara

Hallo Sara,
vielen Dank für deine Erklärungen. Dank deines Videos ist es mir - nach ein paar missglückten Versuchen- gelungen, das "Herz auf Beinen" zu falten.
Deine Beschreibung ist immer so detailliert, deine Videos sind ganz wunderbar!

What happened to the diagram pdf?

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