Andrea's Rose (J.C. Nolan): Instructions

Adams, Sara
Difficulty Level: 
Low intermediate
Model type: 
Flowers & Plants
Tessellations and Fractals
Paper ratio: 

Origami "Andrea's Rose" by J.C. Nolan


Me like to watch your instructional videos--you are a great instructor! Thank you!
I'm now trying to fold a Mr.Lang's rose....difficult to twist it... trying.
From Shanghai

Hello Sara,
This was a nice model and clearly seen (to me lol.. ) . But i think you should stick to explaining what we should do bcoz .. i dont really understand but im trying to make one now..

I found it very clear, but I do like it better when you explain one side and either speed up or don't show the identical step on the other sides. Still, I'm impressed by your skills - I didn't get as many layers at all!

Sara? Do you know if you can use wrapping paper for this model?

This model works with almost any paper. The paper will determine how many levels you can fold, but that's about it.

-- Sara

I usually liked the way you explain other videos. I felt this quite tough because there was no explanations.
If time permits can you please attach an audio to it or can you make a new video

JC Nolan challenged 8 levels with a 10 inch square, right? I've achieved 7 with an 8.5 inch square already. It gets EXTREMELY small around then, but 8 is doable (with 8.5 inch paper).

I saw your comment and then i cut a poece of paper (8,5 inch) and i fold an andrea's rose with 8 levels and right now i try to fold it with 20 cm paper....And yes i did it with a 20 cm paper!!!!!!!!! Not perfectly folded but finished

Oh i shouldn't say that. I just saw your fold Sara and it's a more clean fold than mine and we used the same paper ( 20cm ) so i shouldn't show of

Sara , how big your paper was and how many levels did you do???????

Hi Sara, i watched your video on how to make the "andrea's Rose" and i was wondering if you could make a different video where you explain how to do it. I do much better when you talk about it for some reason. SO if you have a chance can you please make another video?
~Thank You

I do want to make new videos on some of the models I presented in the beginning. However, I'm not sure when I'll have the time to do that.

the paper im using is the same colour as your top :) hehe

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