Lovers Ring (Francis Ow): Instructions in German

Adams, Sara
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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Origami Tutorial: Lovers Ring (Francis Ow)

Paper used in this video: 7.5cm by 15cm (3in by 6in) sheet of kami, pink/white
Finished model: heart with a diameter of 3.75cm (1.5in), ring with a diameter of 2cm (0.8 in)


I was amazed I actually had the exact same paper you used to fold the small ring, so I folded it immediately. I then folded the Box and Lid by Dave Brill out of a pink 15cm square to put it in so I could "propose" to my valentine. It's just too cute! Danke for the video!

That's great. It's really nice to hear that you put the two together. :)

-- Sara

Thanks for this, really! :) My Mom's birthday is right after Valentine's day. This could be part of her birthday gift!

All the comments are in English but I can't understand a word you say in that video and now I don't have a paper ring

Try turning on subtitles, I've added those in English.

Hope it helps,

-- Sara

I want to know the size of small paper...

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