Kaleidoscopic Twister (Charles "Doc" Santee): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Action models
Paper ratio: 
1 : 2


This is what I expect from an advanced Origamist like you =)

would normal printer paper work? i mesured it its 10inX6in

Yes it would work it only matters by the ratio of 1x2

Yes, printing paper will do, but do use 10in x 5in, or 12in x 6in. Just stick to the 2 by 1 ratio, and you'll be fine.

It seems as if it is safe to consider the fact that this is a basic replacement for the "FireWorks"

...However, I still prefer the "FireWorks", either way, thank you for posting this video! It is nice to compare between similar origami.

Ah, I wouldn't say that one model replaces the other. I actually think that the two models are quite different. Of course they are both somewhat ring shaped, and yes, both can be twisted.
But the models themselves actually look quite different. And, of course, there's the fact that one is modular and the other isn't.

But here's my personal opinion:
I'd say that Yami Yamauchi's Fireworks is easier to fold.
If you asked me which model I preferred, I'd go for Doc's Kaleidoscopic Twister, though. Not a surprise, given that I'm more into folding from a single sheet of paper. But I also find the result more pleasing to look at. Although I did think it was fun folding the fireworks from all sorts of colours.

Here are some more details for both models:

- when finished assembly, finished model looks like fireworks
- made of squashed waterbomb bases
- only has I think 2 uses: a small stand and a rotating ring

Kaleidoscopice Twister:
- when finished, in action looks like a kaleidoscope
- made of one 1x2 piece of paper with folded diamonds and pleats in a ring
- has 15 uses check video link: http://www.youtube.c...
-non modular

Hi again Sara

I just completed a 1 sauare version of my Kaleidoscopic Twister.
It is a bit easier to fold and make the final assembly. A few of the displays are just a bit better, bit some are worse (when twisted). It's a bit more clunky to twist but actually stay together somewhat better.

You can see it now on Flickr.

If you are interested on making another instructional = let me know.

Keep up yopur great work.


PS: I saw your picture if Giles? differential and Zipper- is he aware of the kind of stuf I do with Slip and Stick??? Have you seen my latest origami Duesenberg (remote control origami car)?

I'd love to know how to fold the new one. I do think I prefer your first version, but you did hint at the second one being easier to fold. And going square does have nice touch. :)
I'm not sore whether Giles is aware of your work, but I'd assume so. I fear I didn't find as much time to talk to him at the convention as I'd have liked...
As to your Duesenberg Too, I did see it, and was quite amazed. A bit later I found out it was yours and had this "of course!" moment. Beautifully done, I'm very impressed.

-- Sara

kool i love it.it's a fun thing.yay for origami

thank you so very much for this video this model is so much fun to play with

I Went to a Convention And "Doc" taught this.
He said you have the best tut on the internet...
your tut wasn't to helpful to me though (not to be rude)
at the convention was the first time i made it....

Thanks Sara for great instructions. My first attempt was a disaster, due to sloppy precreasing. The second attempt was successful. I love your clear directions and demonstration. Thank You!!

hi,sara thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for making this video. this model is awsome. i am 7 years old . i am an expert at origami.

thanks for da video but it needs better audio and clearer video cam.

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