Corona Star (Maria Sinayskaya): Instructions

Adams, Felix
Adams, Sara
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8 units
Paper ratio: 

Origami Christmas Tutorial / Fold with Felix: Corona Star (Maria Sinayskaya)

Paper used in this video: 8 squares with a side length of 15 cm or 6 in
Finished model: diameter of 21.2 cm or 8 1/2 in

In this video Felix (5 years old) and his mother show you how to fold a fantastic origami modular star "Corona Star" designed by Maria Sinayskaya.
Maria kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you.

The video is in German, but you can turn on closed captions in English for a translation. Enjoy!


I can tell that you do origami and have been teaching Felix because of how accurate his folds were. Most 5 year-olds I know of wouldn't even be able to make that first crease as accurately as he did. Well done to both of you!

Hi Sara, it has been a very long time since I did origami. I started again after a what ---3 years? I think after the birth of your second son. My email stopped working because my gmail got too full. It gave me a lot of problems and I just never updated my subcription to your blog----and I quit my origami making. I am starting again, sort of slowly--and I remember your name and I looked it up. And wow, Felix can do origami. I used to live in Germany --7 years but I am very rusty. It is nice to hear it again, although I cannot hear Felix's answers. I remember how he was sticking his tongue, right after he was born. And he is still cute. Origami is so good for us. Makes us patient, makes us accurate, make us good listeners----and I salute you how your were teaching Felix---I still remember how you painted his room! Thanks for this origami---As an old woman, it is nice to have a teacher who is teaching slowly---I think it is a good idea to have show and make with Felix, permanently benefits young children and also old folks like me--slow pokes--I will subscribe again, with my new email. Basically the same, but with underscore and not gmail, but yahoo.coo. So Felix is what--6 or 7 years old now? Is Felix one or 2 years older than his brother?
Thank you Sara--

Hi Francine,

Felix is now 7, Niklas 5 and Finn 1. They keep me busy for sure. :)

All the best and happy folding,

-- Sara

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