Star Helena (Carmen Sprung): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Low intermediate
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Origami Instructions: CD/DVD Case "Star Helena" by Carmen Sprung

This video describes how to fold a fantastic star "Helena" designed by Carmen Sprung. You can use it as a case or wrapper for a CD or DVD, too! Perfect for presents, be it for a birthday or for Christmas!

Paper used in this video: 21.5cm square of kami (8.5in by 8.5in)
Finished model: diameter of a bit more than 8cm (3 1/8in)


Dear Sara,
Many thanks to you for making an instructional video of this star/tato, and of course thanks to Carmen Sprung for giving you permission to do so. Your explanations are very clear. I have already made two of these, one of them from memory which is unusual for me. Scrapbooking paper makes a fine-looking model.
Again, much appreciation for the time you spend and your hard work in putting these videos together.

Congratulations for making it to the Kim Komando website. That is a very prestigious place!!! I love origami, and will soon get more into it. My grandkids are half Japanese and do it quite with ease, as they learn it in school in JPN. Have a great day!!

Thank you so much for posting such a clear, careful video! I really enjoyed folding this model :)

i absolutely like that design

can u please provide a detailed video please...please.. i cant understand this video please help me

I realize that this is a VERY DIFFICULT piece of origami and I have been doing origami for years. I have made some very hard origami before but this is probably the hardest so far. What was so hard for me was doing the last fold again and again without some formal instruction. The first one was good but then I REALLY struggled doing the rest of them. I know it would make the video really long but do you think you could at least do one more of that last fold so people can see how it's done when the one next to it is already done? I think it would help. This is some GREAT origami. I will show it to everyone I know.

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