Star Helena (Carmen Sprung): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Low intermediate
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Origami Instructions: CD/DVD Case "Star Helena" by Carmen Sprung

This video describes how to fold a fantastic star "Helena" designed by Carmen Sprung. You can use it as a case or wrapper for a CD or DVD, too! Perfect for presents, be it for a birthday or for Christmas!

Paper used in this video: 21.5cm square of kami (8.5in by 8.5in)
Finished model: diameter of a bit more than 8cm (3 1/8in)


Dear Sara,
Many thanks to you for making an instructional video of this star/tato, and of course thanks to Carmen Sprung for giving you permission to do so. Your explanations are very clear. I have already made two of these, one of them from memory which is unusual for me. Scrapbooking paper makes a fine-looking model.
Again, much appreciation for the time you spend and your hard work in putting these videos together.

Congratulations for making it to the Kim Komando website. That is a very prestigious place!!! I love origami, and will soon get more into it. My grandkids are half Japanese and do it quite with ease, as they learn it in school in JPN. Have a great day!!

Thank you so much for posting such a clear, careful video! I really enjoyed folding this model :)

i absolutely like that design

can u please provide a detailed video please...please.. i cant understand this video please help me

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