Wobbling Wall of Nine Cubes (Heinz Strobl): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Non-square Rectangle

Origami Instructions: Wobbling Wall of Nine Cubes (Heinz Strobl)

Paper used in this video: 30 strips of paper 1 inch by 6 inches (2.5cm by 15cm); 2 strips of paper 1 inch by 14 inches (2.5cm by 35cm)
Finished model: height of 1 inch (2.5cm), length and width of 3 inches (7.5cm)

You may also know this as the "Wabbelwand", which is what the model is called in German.


Thank you for making such a awesome video!!!

Thank you for posting this wonderful model. I followed directions from the orihouse website awhile back to make it, the connecting part was a bit confusing but with a little patience I was able to complete it. You made it look so simple. Thanks again for posting this.


hey sara,
i like your origami very much.do you know if there is pdf for this model. or can you make one.


Great video as usual, the first time I tried to assemble it I was very tempted to use adhesive tape, now you've made ​​the assembly easier.
Just a question, may this cubic unit be used to form the flexicube?
May the overlapping square edges stay the same ?

Thank you so much for posting these amazing instructional videos.


Thanks for making this video,Sara.had fun making it!

What an awesome video. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for making it and sharing it! Your instructions are so easy to follow! Thanks, I look for the next one!

Your folding skills are awesome! Can you make a video of how to fold the origami cigarette lighter by Nick Robinson? I've been searching for it for ages! Thanks for the videos!

do you have any idea when you are going to post a new video

This is pure FUN. It will be a nice holiday gift for my 12 year old grandson.
A note: not having 14" paper I "cheated" and put two shorter stips together in the middle with a touch of glue stick. The joint "hides" inside the bottom of the bottom of the first box and the "trick" worked out quite nicely. I am looking forward to using this trick in allowing me to make larger cubes in the future. A mention of colors...I made each box a different bright color with a black box in the middle. The 10th box and the joining strips are black as well and it is visually lots of fun. Thank you Sara.

These little boxes Sara demonstrated can be used to make the flexicube (author unknown) at http://www.youtube.c.... Have a look and see...by simply making 8 - 2" x 1" (5cm x 2.5 cm) strips the boxes can be easily adapted to create this fun model. Line four boxes up. Connect the tops of the 1st and 2nd box and the tops of the 3rd and 4th box with a 2" x 1" strip. Connect the 2nd and 3rd box on the front side with a 2" x 1" strip. Repeat this process with four more boxes. Place one row of four boxs with the side connection facing front and the other row of four box with the side connection facing back. Then connect the bottom of the 1st box of each row and the 4th box of each row with a 2" x 1" strip. Voila! Enjoy!!

um.. I tried making this and i used a ruler to measure the 1x6" and followed exactly what Sara said in the video but as i fold it (the crease- making thing) there's this GIGANTIC GAP!
It's totally different from what Sara's looks like -_- soo.. any advice?

Perfect! I was looking for this video tutorial on how to make Wobbling Wall of Nine Cubes. Good for me that I found it here. Thanks for sharing.

Hey, thanks for sharing the video. Actually I am searching to get more resources to study Origami. I am interested to get more resources on this. Can you recommend any such web sites that you know? Really appreciate the help.

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