Bear (Stephen Weiss): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Non-square Rectangle

Origami Instructions: Bear (Stephen Weiss)

Paper used in this video: 35cm by 21cm rectangle of kami (13.75in by 8.25in)
Finished model: 13.5cm long (5.25in), 7cm high (2.75in), 4cm deep (1.5in)

This video describes how to fold a fantastic origami bear designed by Stephen Weiss. Stephen kindly gave me permission to make this video accessible to you.


I love that book, love that model, and love this demonstration video - another gem, Sara!

very descriptive and easy to follow, love how mine turned out!


Just one question: if I use standard A4 printer paper, does your tutorial still apply? I tried it and already at the step where you have to fold one sixth of the page I get stuck because obviously your technique doesn't end in one sixth with an A4 paper. How did you go about that? Did you measure one sixth?

Thanks and happy new year,


You'll need to cut the paper, so that you have an aspect ratio of 3 by 5. For A4 paper, cut off a long strip, so that the sheet measures 17.82cm by 29.7cm instead of 21.0cm by 29.7cm.
For more info on how to determine required paper sizes, check out my video on paper ratios: http://www.happyfold...

Hope this helps,

-- Sara

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