Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi): Old Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Model type: 
Action models
12 units
Paper ratio: 

Origami Fireworks by Yami Yamauchi


I wanted to extend my appreciation on this model because I have been searching for the book, and no one has it, and it can't be ordered, out of stock.. I am currently waiting on another book! This model does remind me of the Kaleidoscope flower in "Origami Easy-to-Make Paper Creations" by author Gay Merrill Gross.
Another comment I would like to make is how impressed I am with your skill, because I have been doing origami since I was in the 7th grade, more avidly in the past 7 years, and you have surpassed my skills by far!

u rock!!!!!!!!!!

I got it! I did it! I love it!
I´m brazilian and I´m learning some nice origami stuff thanks to you!
Thank you very much!

Omedetou! ^_^

Assembly per my samples sent you recently will help the model to be rigid and to perform smooth rotations inside-out or outside-in. Please correct the assembly instructions, if you can. " I noticed a few visitors pointed out the problem of the units coming apart. and they were concerned about the thickness of the paper they used. When the model is assembled in the correct way, the units will not come apart at all. The thickness of paper they use will not matter although the standard origami paper is perfect to start as shown in your video. Thank you for your loving care of assembly.


I'll check my mail as soon as I'm back in England (beginning of January), and then look into modifying the assembly instructions accordingly.

Sara, it is great that you are sharing your knowledge with the world, may your origami skills grow by thousands, for each and every day. I must thank you for being so kind and caring, I shall strengthen my skills as well! Good luck with this website! Remember, never forget that with origami, the are infinate pocibilities!

i already tried to make a couple of these, big one and small ones... i had a bit of a hard time doing this, but it seems that you are very good in things like this... i admire your work very much.. and you are a very goo teacher too... (^-\\)

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