Review of "Spiral: Origami | Art | Design" by Tomoko Fuse


Pick a Model: Which Tomoko Fuse model do you want to have a tutorial for?

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I'm obsessed about the new book "Spiral: Origami | Art | Design" by Tomoko Fuse. And to celebrate this new publication, I'm letting you pick a model from the book, which I'll then present in an instructional video.

Simply vote for the model you want to see by commenting before July 9th 2012:

  1. Spiral
  2. Pythagorean Spiral
  3. Navel Shell
  4. Modular Spiral Shell
  5. Coil Fold

You can vote for several models, but for each model at most once (duplicates will be ignored). Happy voting!


please do #3, the navel shell.

I'm still hesitating, I like those spirals too ! :)
But even if it seems a bit hard, I vote for the navel shell (number 3), this one is wonderful !

I vote for the number 4, the Modular Spiral Shell!

If its just one, then I'd say #3. But any of the batch looks looks fun.

Now #5 would be neat, but I don't know about a 3 hour video !


i like the Pythagorean spiral cuz of the math involved.
i also like the modular spiral shell cuz of it looks complex.
so.... saying all that i vote for those to models


well,I think this is going to be ignored but I'll try to vote on the navel shell and in the coil fold. I really think that this would be ignored cuz nobody still votes on number 3.. well. at least I will try to vote. one can be many :))

I'm counting all votes. As to nobody still voting for 3, not true, either. It's still proving to be the most popular model to vote on thus far. And, actually, if no one voted for 3 anymore (starting now), probably a different model would win. After all, voting started only 2 days ago and there's still 5 days left...
However, I do agree that the navel shell is the front runner and is likely to win. Likely, but not certain. :)

-- Sara

Hi Sara,

my vote for your next Tutorial is number 3. A really beautiful Model.

I hardly can wait for your upcoming Videos.

Hy Sara!!!
Thanks for the video, in this way you show me all the happiness in getting new book, a book that, sooner or later, I must own.
My vote... I don't know if this will count, but... Each model looks great, I will be happy about a video of any of this, all of that model are so beautiful, so...
I let you decide for me, I vote for the model that you preferre to fold (and to teach of course).

Thank you very much Sara, you're great!

Ale --

I vote for 3

Seems you and Evan are the same person, or at least you used the same internet connection. ;)
However, not a problem, you can vote for two models, so I've simply registered one for #1 and one for #3. :)

-- Sara

spiral all the way! (#1)

Hi Sara,
ich fürchte ich bin zu spät dran.
Ich sags trotzdem: Nr 1 & 3 & 4
Das Buch ist wirklich wunderschön!! Es ist das Schönste, was ich derzeit überhaupt mit Origami erworben habe!
Herzlichen Gruß

Dear Sara,

My vote is for No.1

Best wishes,

Dear Sara,

Please do 3 as well. My vote is also for 3.



thanks again for providing some interesting new stuff :D
The book is ordered through the site you mentioned and I'll be happy to try the folds in it :D

Number 1 is my choice. i have seen videos of the naval shell already online but #1 is not available anywhere. Thank you

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