Brill, Assia

created by Assia Brill

Daffodil (Assia Brill)

Brill, Assia
Adams, Sara

blossom: 2 hexagons cut from 12 cm (4 3/4 in) squares of Tant, yellow and yellow-orange
stem and leaves: 2 squares with a side length of 24 cm (9 1/2 in), Kami; one square cut in half diagonally

24 cm (9 1/2 in) tall, 10 cm (4 in) wide, 7 cm (2 3/4 in) deep

Who's ready for spring? This wonderful daffodil / narcissus always reminds me of Easter - perhaps because its name in German literally translates to "Easter bell". And I absolutely love Assia's rendition of it in origami!