Single Strip Square Curlicue (Assia Brill): Instructions

Adams, Sara
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Origami Instructions: Single Strip Square Curlicue (Assia Brill)

Paper used in this video: strip with a length of 35cm (13 3/4in), 5cm (2in) wide on one side, 1cm (0.4in) on the other
Finished model: almost square with a side length of 6.6cm (2.6in)


Sara, what have you done to me?!

I saw this video at 5 am and decided to try folding a "quick" one before going to bed.

It's half past noon now and I have at least a dozen of these in varying sizes, materials, and colors and there are several tabs for rolls of wallpaper open in my browser. I don't remember if I put those there!

The simplicity of this model is addictive, especially with the astounding amount of movement you get with the end product. The amount of flexibility you get with the strip sizing means that I have a quick, new fidget toy to take with me.

It seems this model lends itself well to the use of thicker paper? Not only for the sake of durability, but also because I've noticed some of the thinner papers I used seem to catch more on the untwist and need a bit of help to return to their relaxed state.

I'm buying the book, but I'm not sure when I'll next see the light of day.

Tnaks Sara! This is very simple origami :) I really like it! I made one from strip 1,6m long! It's very nice and i really like playing with it :) Continue doing vids, you're perfect teacher :)

Greetings form Slovakia!

Incidentally I first saw the last third of your video, then bought the book, and saw the whole video, and made my first curlicues (2 m x 18 cm/2 cm Kraft duocolor, and then 2 m x 9 cm and 2 m x 4.5 cm), in that order.
Curlicues are simple (in design and to fold), decorative, and so fun. The only thing missing in proving Assia a genius in inventing this, is some grumpy guy thinking "I had this idea 20 years ago".
And you are right, the twist method is great, and oh so easy and fun. Basically turning all layers upside down while maintaining the spiral, just by rotating the model as fast as you can.

Thanks for your great ambassadorship of the curlicues,

Hey I really like your video. I am not that good at doing origami but always try to do it so you have really help me a lot. The only thing is I want to buy your book but I don't know where can I buy it.

hello i am stefan, i am 12 years old and i am from The Netherlands.

i showed the curlicue to my teacher, and she find it sooo cool that she wanted to show it to the whole class. And my whole class whas surprised and they were so amazed. So my idea was to learn the whole class how to make a curlicue, and the teacher was oke with it. So we were actually the whole day making curlicue's and playing with them. And the teacher asked if i could find more designs of these curlicue's, but i couldn't find anything. And i am collecting money to buy the book but i dont think i can get the book before the schoolyear ends, so i can show it to the rest of the class because next year i am going to high school. so my question was, if i can get this book from you? I know its a strange question, but i would appreciate it.


PS: Sorry for my bad English i am better in speaking Dutch :) :) :)

Haha :))) I am better in 'dutch' too, but its called 'deutsch' ...
And nice curlicue design.

Sara, What a happy accident! I stumbled on this video by happenstance and now I am hooked! What a wonderful origami form! Thank you for your clear instructions. daria

Hi, is there any methematical relationship to get the "best" side length? I mean you used for example 70 cm and for both "ends" 3.5cm and 0.7cm. is it chosen randomly? Maybe there is kind of a proportional?

Same: is there any mathematical formula that can determine the number of layers depending on the lenghts of the paper and/or the length of both ends?

I feel a 6cm square to play with is pretty small, but I would not have to use a paper of 5 meter length :-)

Last question: how can you cut the "diagonal" of your rectangle in the case you used 140cm for the base? Because you will need a (around) 140cm ruler, which is not really common... :-)

Thanks for your replies & well done!

PS: is kraft paper works well?

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