30th Birthday Origami Giveaway

30th Birthday Origami Giveaway

Thanks everyone for your well-wishes! The winners are: Metalmandy8 (30GBP), Souleaterisawesome (25GBP), both from YouTube

Fun data: There were 276 submissions - 12 by email, 30 on happyfolding, and 234 on YouTube.

Deadline: November 17th 2012

You can win a 25 GBP or a 30 GBP gift certificate for http://supplies.brit... - you can buy booklets, books, paper, CDs or whatever you like from it. Good luck!

Enter by leaving a comment on http://youtu.be/zKSL... or happyfolding.com/vlog-30th_birthday or sending an email to sara@happyfolding.com mentioning you'd like to join in.


Hope you had a brill bday love your videos your very soft spoken with very precise and acurate descriprions on making your origamis very fun stuff your son is so cute too :) ud love a chance to be in your give away list x

Hi Sara!

Greetings from Brazil! Feliz Anivers√°rio, or happy birthday in Portuguese, ;)
This is the 1st time I actually write to you, but I have been watching your videos for quite a time.
So, I want to join in this giveaway! Please, put me in!

Sorry for all exclamation marks, I got really excited, LOL.

Again, congratulations on your birthday.


Hi Sara,
today's my birthday too!!!!
If it is posssible i'd like to join the giveaway...
Best regards,

Wanted to thank you for all the videos you have made -- wish I had time to view more!
Thank you for including your young son on your lap, made it delightful to see you as a mom too.

Hi Sara!. Wish you a Happy Birthday!. I love your videos!.

Regards, Daniela.

Count me in! Thank you for all your great videos which are always helpful and well done.

Salutations Sara!
You are so wonderful to share your origami gift with everyone. Surely Felix will benefit greatly too.
My son who is now 14 has been a fan of origami for 5 years, I think it's a great link to great learning!
Please include me in your origami giveaway!
I am in the US, but I am a current member of the BOS too. I love the variety that exists in origami. The possibilities are amazing!

Happy thirtieth birthday!

Dear Sara, today was your day and before it gets to its end...happy birthday to you!!
You're spoiling us all the year long with fantastic videos, and now you've imagined a giveaway for us...I wonder which folder wouldn't join in!? I'll give it a try :)
Thanks for making us dream a little bit...Wish you all the best!

Happy birthday! enter me please

Hi Sara:

Happy Birthday. We'd love to see you over the pond at an OUSA convention someday.


Hope you had a creative birthday, and that Felix enjoyed the cake!

Hank Simon

Happy Birthday, Sara!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your incredible tutorials with extremely clear instructions. I really love your tutorial for Braided Paper by J.C. Nolan! Thanks so much for all your awesome tutorials!!!

Happy folding! =)

Ben Lewis

Happy birthday! Love your videos so much. I would like to participate.

Happy Birthday Sara! You dont look a day over 20 :) Thank you so much for all of the amazingly clear, informative, and well made videos that I use every day. I hope your birthday was great and that you and Felix and your husband enjoyed yourselves. Id love to be entered in the giveaway! Keep doing what you do!


Nice idea! I'd like to join!

Sara, your videos are wonderful. I always mention them out to people who are wanting to know how to fold.
Many happy returns of the day, and I'm looking forward to your 40th, 50th and 60th Birthdays already!

I was so busy wishing you a Happy Birthday that I forgot to join your giveaway!
(Not that it matters too much - as a BOS member I can get a discount anyway - shameless plug there for joining the BOS!)

But once again, I hope that you had a wonderful birthday!

Hey Sara,

I wish you a happy birthday, although I'm late.
Ever since I found your homepage and youtube channel I love watching your videos and always I'm curious about your next tutorial. You're doing a great job, hope you'll carry on for a long time!
And last but not least: please count me in for the giveaway.

Happy Folding!

Happy birthday Sara!

I love your channel and I'd love to join in the Origami Giveaway.

Happy folding!

Happy birthday, Sara!! Your videos introduced me to origami and it would make me glad to join your giveaway, tahnk you.

hey, happy birthday!!!!
and i would like to join the giveaway


it's wonderful to celebrate a big birthday & give away a wonderful gift of origami supply.
it is so very thoughtful of u & lucky r the two winners.

it will be lovely if i win one of them.........
i am a fan whether i win or not
origami is a fun hobby & it's very generous of u to share your talents.
fondly folding

Happy birthday! I'd like to take part in the giveaway please :)