Contribute Subtitles - Win Prizes!

Contribute Subtitles - Win Prizes!

Help me make my videos more accessible by adding English subtitles or translating them to other languages. And with some luck, win some cool origami prizes, too. :)


I have two questions (totally unrelated): I just got a junior membership in OrigamiUSA. Do you have any suggestions as to what would be the best use of it? Also, what kinds of music do you enjoy the most? I REALLY wish I could see you at the convention this year, but alas, I am unable to attend.


If you're a new member, I'd definitely suggest exploring the articles published in TheFold: https://origamiusa.o... - there's also quite a bunch of diagrams for wonderful models included: https://origamiusa.o...
Also, OrigamiUSA members get a discount on all purchases in TheSource: https://origamiusa.o... - 10% or even more for downloadable files.
Or - if you live in continental US or Canada - you might want to borrow some books: https://origamiusa.o...
And of course there's various meetups, even if you can't attend the annual convention this year.

Regarding music: I have to admit I only rarely listen to music. But I do have a special fondness for classical music and jazz.

-- Sara

Really? So composers like Antonio Vivaldi, or more modern ones, like Philip Glass? I rarely listen to jazz, but I do enjoy some songs by Cannonball Adderly (I think that's how you spell it). If you like classical, then you also might enjoy artists such as Time for Three.


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