July 2013 Giveaway: "Origami for All" by Ioana Stoian

Check http://www.origamifo... for details on the book
Read my review at http://origamiusa.or...
Also see: http://www.happyfold...
Picture of a bracelet and ring I folded: http://www.happyfold...

To take part in the giveaway, do one of the following by July 13th 2013:
Add a comment on the video page http://youtu.be/9yW1...
Add a comment on this page
Send an email to sara@happyfolding.com, mentioning this giveaway
Send me a YouTube message, mentioning this giveaway

Note that the winner will have to give me their full name and postal address, so that I can send you the book. If you're under 18, check with your parents whether that's ok.


Hi! I really love your videos, it is really clear and easy to follow! I started origami about a year ago because of your videos. I am really addicted to folding origamis already and really addicted to buying different kinds of papers, haha! Thanks to you!!
Your voice is really calming <3 Felix is really cute~ :) I find you very generous doing several giveaways already, in my opinion :)) I hope I would be in the giveaway :) thanks always!

I want to enter the giveaway

I so enjoy your instruction videos and always look forward to new ones. Please enter me in the giveaway for this new book.


I would like to contribute in this giveaway

I'd love to win. Thanks!

Bonjour Sara,
I am very excited in participation to this giveaway book!
Thank you so much for all your implication in the wonderfull word of origami!

I'd love to win.
Greetings from the Philippines.

Hello Sara! I'm so exciting for this giveaway. I'd love to be part of this. Thank you! :)

Congrats! You're the lucky winner :)

-- Sara

Hi Sara:
Wow, Felix is getting so big. It's interesting to see the Mommy part of you as all we ever get to see is the Origami side of you. Hope one day you can make it to the US for and OUSA or PCOC convention. Thanks for the giveaway of the new book Origami for All by Ioana Stoian.


Your videos have always been the best quality and most helpful. I am grateful that folders like you have added so much to our art. May you continue to share your joy.

Oh, and please add my name to your give-away.

Love your videos and would like to be part of the giveaway.
Kind regards.

Greetings from Vermont, USA. I would like to take part in the "Origami for All" giveaway. Thank you.

Hi Sara, I would like to take part in the giveaway, thank you !

Hi Sara, I would like to take part in the giveaway, thank you !

Hi, please enter me in the new giveaway!

Los Angeles, CA

I would to win the book in your current giveaway.
I enjoy your videos and appreciate all the time and effort you put into them

Hi Sara: I just discovered your website.... I'm looking forward to exploring what you have to offer! Please enter my name for the Origami for All book giveaway! I teach origami and am always looking for new inspiring ideas and models! Thank you.

I absolutely love origami, and would love to receive this giveaway.
Thanks so much.

Sara, I love all your work, I have made many of the models you have in videos.
I want to participate in your giveaway.
Thank you and best regards to you and Felix,

Hi Sara,

I love origami and share my limited ability with children. Your videos are the BEST and because they are so easy to follow, I was able to teach my little group of origami students how to make the Origami Fireworks. Thanks for such great videos! Please include my name for the book give-away.


Love this, would love a book :) Keep up the good work.

I really like to have the book, ring and bracelet are so awsome!
Thank you


rome, italy

Hj! Wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful website. It is one of my favorite go to resources for origami. Your instructional videos are so clear and easy to follow, and your reviews are so well written and useful. Please enter me in the giveaway, and thanks again!

Hi Sara, I have a Japanese granddaughter and would love to learn origami to share with her...

Hi, Sara, I'd love to participate in this giveaway. Thanks!

The origami book sounds great, and I would love to try the models in it!

I watched the video (as I always do) and would love a copy of Origami for All. It looks like the are simple to follow directions for some nice projects.

Please enter me in the drawing. Would love to have the book.

As an avid origami-er, I always enjoy new patterns, but as a broke university student, I can't buy new books very often. I would love a new origami book. :)

Hi Sara,
I love origami and have been using it in my classroom for years. I always look for new ideas and styles.

We love your videos! My daughter and I have used many of your videos to fold new models! And for her birthday, we used your videos to teach her friends the Love (with strings attached) model! It was fun all around, because your videos are fun and easy to follow! One of our guests had never folded before and she fell in love with origami! (She is 7 and had absolutely no trouble following your instructions!) Thank you so much for your videos!

On a 'fixed income' a chance at a free book is not to be sneezed at - and I am a huge fan of simple but elegant folds! The highly detailed stuff is impressive, of course, but there's something satisfying about clean clear designs and I'd love to work from this book!

Thanks for making the opportunity available!


Thank you for promoting this book which I find very appealing because of the simple elegance of the versatile designs, the clear instructions and the good descriptions in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese. I'd love to put it on my Origami book shelf and take it out often to fold happily ever after.
Cordially, Christine

Hi Sara! I have been watching you for almost 2 years now! All your origami videos are very easy to follow even if they are Intermediate or Expert origami. I hope I Win your Giveaway! Greetings from CA.

Greetings from CA. I hope I win your giveaway!lp

Dear Sara, please include me in your generous giveaway. I so enjoy your videos! Very clear and helpful. And fun models. Thanks.

i've been using some of your videos to fold models but this was the first where i've actually seen your face and not just your hands folding! needless to say i'm not a big youtuber and was not subscribed to your channel, but i am now. :) it is definitely apparent what a passion you have for origami. thank you for sharing it with us!

Hello everybody,

It's great to see so many people eager to win a copy of my new book. Only one person will get to win this time, but if it is not you, it is easily available directly from the distributor Central Books, from The Book Depository or Amazon. I've tried to keep it as inexpensive for you as possible, hoping that the majority of people wanting to buy it would be able to afford it. The price is £9.99 and I know that the Book Depository offers free shipping anywhere in the world.

Good luck winning the giveaway!
Best wishes
Ioana Stoian.

Hi Sara! I'm an avid folder, currently into tessellations.. I'm on the Origami Tessellations mailing list and when I logged into mail today, I saw the mail there.. I'm vary excited about this giveaway because the models are very nice, especially the penguin and the bat! I'd love to have the book..... I hope I win it! :)

Hi Sara, please enter me for the book giveaway, that book looks amazing and I would love to have a chance to win it! Thank you!

Hi Sara, I'd love to get your book. I'm a primary school teacher and I try to use origami in my teaching of Mathematics to make the learning of the subject more interesting and fun.

Hi Sara, I'd love a copy of your book. I'm a primary school teacher and I try to use origami in the teaching of Mathematics to make mathematics fun and interesting.

Hello Sara Adams,

I would love to have a copy of your book. I've been a fan of your page for so long! And I would be happy to have a book with your work in it! Have a great day!

Ah, I fear it's not my book, it's by Ioana Stoian. :)
Check details on where to get it here: http://www.origamifo...
(The giveaway was two years ago, so long past. Sorry!)


-- Sara

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