Another Giveaway! (Deadline: March 30th 2013)

Origami Giveaway (Deadline March 30th 2013)

Update (April 1st):The giveaway has concluded! There were a total of 202 submissions: 152 individual commenters on YouTube, 1 message on YouTube, 20 commenters on happyfolding, and 29 submissions by email. This time round randomly picking winners resulted in two winners from the YouTube comments, one from commenting on happyfolding, and one from sending me an email. Hope you enjoy the stats, and happy Easter!

Up for grabs are:
3 x 20USD gift certificate for> 1 pair of earrings featuring Jordi Adell's "Rose of Roses" (tutorial:, green or red or bordeaux

To enter, leave a comment on the YouTube video page, on this page, by sending me a YouTube private message, or an email to
Please also indicate whether you'd like to enter for a gift certificate (US and Canada only!), or the pair of earrings. If you're going for the earrings, also include your preferred color (green, red, bordeaux).

If you are under 18, please first get your parent's permission to take part, as the winner will have to send me his/her full name and mail/email address.


I love your folding videos. They are very well done and easy to follow.

Hey Jackie,

congrats, you won! Please check your inbox and reply to my email to enable me to send you a gift certificate.


-- Sara

I really enjoy your origami videos. Thanks for doing this. I forgot last time to say that I'd like the gift certificate if I'm lucky enough to win.

I could use some money to use for origami supplies. Love your videos. Love your son, but mixed feelings about his interrupting your productivity. LOL! Seriously, I am glad that you are devoting your time to the important stuff in life.

I am well over 18 so no parental permission applies.

Hi, Sara

I would like to enter for the paper gift certificate. your hair looks great by the way.

thanks for doing this.

Donna Legare

Hi Sara,

Thanks for the giveaway. I would have loved to enlarge my paper supplies, but .. i do not live in the US, nor Canada.

Still, i love those earrings also and if i win, the bordeaux ones are so nice indeed.
And, your haircut suits you very nice. I like it very much.


Your vids are great! So detailed and fluent. Anyone even beginners could easiley follow them!

I like your videos and i would like to enter for the Origami Paper Monster giveaway.

Hi, I would like to enter your giveaway for the gift certificates to Origami Paper Monster!
Love your videos, they are really easy to follow!

Hi Sara, I live in Canada and would love a chance at one of those generous gift certificates. By the way I absolutely love your hair cut, it suits your face very well!! Although I will miss your video tutorial this month I want to thank you for having another giveaway, it's not really necessary we all understand getting busy and having a life, but THANK YOU just the same.

Hi Sara! I've been watching your videos for a while now, and you've taught me how to fold many amazing models. I'd like to enter the giveaway for the gift certificate. :) Thanks!

Hi Sara,
I would like the gift card if chosen. Btw, thanks for doing all these give aways!

Thanks for your generosity Sarah! I recently got my ears pierces and would love the red earrings!

I have used many of your videos and find them the best on the web. Thank you! I would love to get a gift certificate for more origami paper.

May I please join your giveaway for a gift certificate? I have enjoyed your videos and love your accent. Cheers, Drew

I would love to try Origami Paper Monster's "30 Color Large Origami Paper (35 cm, 30 sheets).
I designed a hot air balloon and a hot air balloon basket model that would suit this paper size perfectly. Fabricating most of my larger paper, it will be a real treat to purchase. So, I hereby *officially* request to enter the Giveaway for the gift certificate. :-) Thanks for all you do Sara.

Hello Sara!
Your haircut looks great! So stylish! I have enjoyed your videos for years and have learned so much from you. It has also been fun to see your son grow, he is adorable. :)

I would love a chance to win the red rose earrings.

Happy spring and happy folding to you! :)

Sara, Thank you so much for your video instructions. I have finally found a craft that both of my younger boys (7 & 12) will do together. Because of their ages and attention spans I need good videos that we can all follow and do together, yours have proven to be perfect for us. Not only are the instructions easy enough to follow but the selection of models ensures we will find something that everyone can agree to make.
I would like to officially enter to win the origami gift certificate as we have finally used all of ours and all of my scrapbook paper too. Hopefully we will win and they can make more decorations for me and toys for them.
Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to this art.

Hello Sara - Thanks so much for hosting a give-away! I'm always looking for new sources of paper. I probably have 3-5,000 sheets right now, but always buying new things :)

If you know of a source of really large paper (around 50 inches square) I'd be very interested.

Thanks again,

I would like to say happy birthday (little one). (My eldest was born on the first day of spring and i love this time of year for so many reasons! I'd like to enter the gift certificate drawing. My girls are getting good at origami and I'd love to surprise them with some fun paper. It seems to be catching on at their school. Several kids are quite expert. Also, your haircut is lovely it frames your face and suits your features well.

Hi Sara!
I really like your videos, they are great and very easy to follow :) I would like to enter your giveaway for the gift certificate to Origami Paper Monster -- it would be great to get some large origami paper or some MC!

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