My origami folds, your positive thoughts #stayhome #withme

Adams, Sara
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My origami folds, your positive thoughts #stayhome #withme

In the week of April 5th to April 11th 2020
I asked you to share something positive that you experienced during these challenging times.
Here's what you answered!

The models shown throughout the video were all recently designed by members of the origami community. They are all inspired by the #stayhome initiative due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I merely folded them - diagrams and/or tutorials are available for all of them.

1. 0:13 "Home is where the heart is" by Sara Adams
2. 0:59 "Un cuore e una capanna" by Francesco Mancini
3. 1:45 "Hogar" by Oz Neyer
4. 2:37 "Stay Home" by Jo Nakashima
5. 3:14 "Heart and Home" by Reza Sarvi
6. 4:17 "Casinha com coração" by Lidiane Siqueira
7. 5:04 "Heart in a House" by Hadi Tahir

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