14 House and Heart Models

Adams, Sara
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My Origami Folds: 14 Home and Heart Models - #stayhome and fold #withme

I recently folded 14 different origami models representing a house and a heart. Let me know in the comments which one you like best. Do you know more house and heart models?
For more details, read my article in OrigamiUSA's online magazine, TheFold.

These are the models I showed, ordered by when they were first posted by their designers:

1. 1995 House of Love (Francis Ow)
2. 1996-10-01 Home Sweet Home II (Sy Chen)
3. 2011-04-01 HIWTHI (Tricia Tait)
4. 2020-03-25 Home is where the heart is (Sara Adams)
5. 2020-03-28 Heart and Home (Reza Sarvi)
6. 2020-03-30 "Stay Home" sticker (Jass Ng)
7. 2020-03-31 Un cuore e una capanna (Francesco Mancini)
8. 2020-04-05 Hogar (Oz Neyer)
9. 2020-04-08 Fica em Casa (Isa Klein)
10. 2020-04-10 Stay Home (Jo Nakashima)
11. 2020-04-12 Casinha com coração (Lidiane Siqueira)
12. 2020-04-13 House in a Heart (Hadi Tahir)
13. 2020-04-13 Condomínio (Isa Klein)
14. 2020-04-15 La Casa de Papel (Lidiane Siqueira)

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