5555 Subscribers - "Answer all the questions"-Time

5555 Subscribers - "Answer all the questions"-Time

Links mentioned in the video:
Paper from BOS: http://supplies.brit...
Paper form Nicolas Terry: http://www.origami-s...
Origamido: http://origamido.com/

Alexander Swallowtail video by Michael LaFosse: http://www.pem.org/s... - click on "Fold more!" in the top right corner - Select "Origami Now!" - the butterfly is the second video from the right

Letter to A-sized paper: http://britishorigam...


I am surprised you didnt answer the number one question I always get asked... What is your favorite model that you have folded? Also who is your favorite artist?

I don't really have a favourite model / designer. There is so much fantastic work out there that I appreciate, and I have fallen in love with several models. And I think it's ok to love lots of models, and not bother with identifying "the one" favourite model. Many models are so different in style that it doesn't make sense to compare them in any case. The same holds for designers. I appreciate many, and I couldn't say whom I appreciate "the most".

-- Sara

Well, to tell you the truth, I wasn't even in the top three. ;)
A lot of really great designs were submitted to the challenge. But on a different note, for me it was a win in that it inspired me to design my first own model.

-- Sara

Who was the judge?He must be insane not to put your model in the top three it's a great design,with a very realistic touch and i believe that you should win it's one of my favourite simple models and i'd like to see what the other designs were (probably they're as good as the other design)

OK he must be crazy (the jugde)ut the little cerberus was nice!

No, the Mudarri Luna Moth is different. The video is indeed on the Alexander Swallowtail.

-- Sara

Yes i know i meant the butterfly on YOUR website is the Mudarri Luna Moth You say that it is the Alexander Swallowtail on your website but it's not the video on the pem is the Alexander Swallowtail

Well, there is no video available for the Mudarri Luna Moth, but the Alexander Swallowtail Butterfly looks relatively similar. Yes, it's not the same design, I'm sorry if I did not make this clear in the video.

-- Sara

Well yeah that's what i'm saying on the text above and the meaning isn't right because I forgot some dots . I actually did understand what you say but in the video you say that the butterfly from your website is the Swallowtail (and there is a video on pem showing it) but it's the Mudarri Moth and there isn't any video showing it (the Moth) online

From what I can see, you have a very nice house.


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