Origami Paper Giveaway (Deadline: 11 April 2011)

Origami Paper Giveaway

Update: The giveaway is over. Feel free to still leave comments, but do note this does not sign you up for the giveaway anymore. The winners: happyfolding.com/vlog_giveaway_winners_april_2011

Rules: Leave a comment on YouTube or Happyfolding, or send me a message (YouTube, or sara@happyfolding.com) before 11 April 2011. I will then randomly select who gets the giveaway. Please include a name I can use in the announcement who won. :)
If you are under the age of 18, please first check with your parents whether it's ok to give me your address for mailing.

Included are:
Glassine/Pergamyn (15cm / ~6in, 20cm / ~8in)
Example sources:
http://xoomer.virgil... ( http://supplies.brit...
Double Tissue (17.5cm / ~7in)
Also see video at: http://www.youtube.c...
Natural Tissue (Unryu) (20cm / ~8in)
Example sources:
Pacon "Rainbow Kraft" (24cm, ~8in)
Example sources:
Tant (15cm / ~6in)
Also see: happyfolding.com/paper-review_tant (including sources) Example sources:
Kraft paper (15cm / ~6in)
Example sources:
Kami (15cm / ~6in, 24cm / ~9.5in)
Example sources:
Duo Kami (15cm / ~6in)
Example sources:
Elephant Hide (24cm / ~9.5in, 22cm / ~8.5in)
Also see: happyfolding.com/paper-review_elephant_hide (including sources)
Example sources:
Deluxe Washi (24cm / ~9.5in, 11cm / ~4.5in)
Example sources:
Tissue foil from origami-shop.com (20cm / ~8in, 9.5cm / ~3.75in)
Example sources:
Tissue foil, self-made (23cm / ~9in, 20cm / ~8in)
Also see video at: http://www.youtube.c...
Japanese foil (24cm / ~9.5in)
Example sources:
Paper-backed foil (24cm / ~9.5in)
Example sources:


I would very much appreciate some of that paper :)

I'd love to win that paper! I'm from Chile and it's hard to find very good paper. So, thanks for this opportunity Sara!

What great paper! Fun textures, colors and shine!
Thanks for the giveaway!

For the past several months I have really enjoyed following your website. Your instructional videos are by far the best, and I can't wait to find out what model is next. The paper reviews are also helpful because it is so hard to get a hold of them and feel them.
Way to go and thank you so much for all of your hard work and for giving away such a wonderful pack of papers!

Happy Folding to you as well!!

Such a nice assortment. Thank you for all your hard work, and for sharing models and techniques.

I would love these papers! SOOO nice! Thankyou for giving us a chance to win the beautiful papers! :)

Wow, Sara, you're generosity is amazing!! I have been following your website for some time now and marvel are your videos and your hard work that you share with us. I love your tesselation vidoes and more complex models. I would love to get those beautiful papers as I cannot find them here. I'm unable to order papers over seas and have yet to find resources for most of the better papers here in Canada so I would be extremely excited and most appreciative to recieve your giveaway. Best of luck to everyone.

And Sara, thanks for a wonderful surprise, we just got home from celebrating my daughter's birthday and she went to say hello to all her online friends, I came here to see what you had in store for us. Thank you, perfect end to a wonderful day.

Do you still have the unboxing footage? If so, could you add it as a separate video? I would love to see it! If not or if it is too long I understand, I still got so see lots of great paper here. Thanks!

Hm, I'll think about it. But right now I'm too busy processing all these replies. :)
I think the unboxing might not be so long, but I talked too much about the paper for the giveaway. ;) I'll have to view the recording again to check, though.

-- Sara

Another question, did you mean to state with this comment you want to take part in the giveaway?
If so, please leave another comment and specify your email address. If I have no way of contacting you, I fear you cannot take part. Note that the email address will not be public, but only visible to me.

-- Sara

I actually already e-mailed you so I didn't add it, but just in case here is my e-mail. I didn't want to accidentally cheat and be counted twice. :)

Ah, ok. :)
I can't tell by the names, I believe there are a couple of other people out there called "Grace". ;) Thankfully, email addresses are unique, so I can easily distinguish entries - and remove duplicates. :)

-- Sara

Yes, Grace is not a common name, but I am sure there is more than one. :) Thanks!

Hi Sara! I love your videos I always make origami from dull white copy paper because the only kind of paper I get here is 15cm squares.the colors aren't even good. I was hoping that you give some of them to me. Oh and btw I live in India so not many people are intrested in origami. I am 14 years old and I am allowed to give my address to you =D you're brilliant I love your videos
--Deshna Shah

Hi Sara,
This my first time posting a comment so here it goes...
My name is Joe and I am 11 years old.
I live in Ireland and am absolutely crazy about origami!
I have been folding since 2008 and enjoy origami immensely.
I am very keen to get that paper because it will help me fold more complex models,
(I have already folded the Scorpion by Tadashi Mori, Jack in the Box by Hugo Pereira and
Tarantula by Robert J. Lang so I think I am O.K at origami.)
So again I would love to get that paper, Thanks =)
(p.s. your origami videos are the best on youtube!)

it's about 2 years ago I discovered tesselations and also your page with all of those so helpfull videos. I made some progress since: I'm going to have a little exibition with workshop end of may.
My passion: tesselations. I'm planing to do one part of the workshop on tesselations.
I have been buying some books lately from origamishop.com and was deciding on which paper I was going to choose next. So nice you're sharing your experince about paper. It's so difficult to choose without beeing able to tuch.I'm very much interested in elephanthide.For me your coments are almost as good as receiving some of your sheets. There seem to be lots of people that cannot get nice paper easily.
Do you know the "origamido" from origamishop.com? Chantal

Fantastic! Would be great to fold with! I'm in for the competion=)

Sorry, please leave a comment and specify your email address. If I have no way of contacting you, I fear you cannot take part. Note that the email address will not be public, but only visible to me.

-- Sara

Sorry i forgot the email.

thanks sara for all the wonderful videos, i live in mexico so it's hard to get good qualaty origami paper. again thank you for this opportunity and have a nice day all the way from San Jose de Cabo, Mexico. :D

Sorry, please leave a comment and specify your email address. If I have no way of contacting you, I fear you cannot take part. Note that the email address will not be public, but only visible to me.

-- Sara

jeje sorry, i forgot to put my email, i hope a can sitll be part of the contest. if not thanks for the opportunity anyway :D

I would like very very much to recieve some of that package...
Thanks for the giveaway!

Ach, Hans-Werner! Dafür musst Du an keinem Giveaway teilnehmen. :)
Schreib mir einfach flux ne Email mit dem Papier, das Dich interessiert (darf auch alles sein), und welches Dich besonders interessiert. Dann landet davon (sofern ich noch genug davon hab) auch etwas mehr drin.

-- Sara

Hi Sara,
This is Joe again.
Sorry about not giving you my address =p
You might have read my other comment,
(its one of the long ones and was posted at 4th April 2011 10:06PM )
Anyway this one and that one are quite close together.
[postal address removed by Sara]
So thats it, bye!
(p.s. I did get permission from my parents)
(p.p.s. Your videos are still the best on Youtube!)

I removed the postal address, so it's not public on the web. All I need is your email address, so that I can send you a message and ask for your postal address if you are one of the lucky winners. :)

-- Sara

Quite good pack?! It's really very good and generous pack! Some of the papers I've only seen in the picture and told myself it's too expensive. I am very curious about double tissue paper made by you (I didn't try yet to make it by myself) and this mysterious pacon paper.
In the end I had to check the date of your post if it wasn't just april fool day's joke ;)
I think paper lovers from all over the world come to your website now... Hm, thank you for this!
:) Dasa

Ah, perhaps I am the fool. :) I never expected this to get so popular!
You're right that some quite expensive paper is in that pack (e.g. Deluxe Washi is 3 EUR per sheet, ad each pack will have one full sheet in it), but some of it is also relatively cheap - and great to fold with. In particular, the Pacon paper is cheap and one of my favorites.

-- Sara

I love plethoras of paper! it would be awesome if i got those :)

Yay!! I would absolutely love a sample of this paper!! Thanks so much for doing this for us!

This is so cool, thanks for doing this :D i cant wait until april 11 :)

Would be nice to get some to test it. Very nice package...
and very nice website. Thanx for the inspirations!!!

I just wanted to tell you that I really like your videos, and I check occasionally for updates. I have both a youtube channel and a website, like you do. Anyway, keep up the good wok!!!!!!

Hello Sara!
I am a big fan of your videos, because you are making hard things easy.
Actually, in Latvia, i can't get any kind of origami paper. And my parents don't like to use a credit card in internet, so i will be very happy even about the cheapest kind of paper.

if you need closer information, i will contact you in YouTube. My acc-solden777

your work has really inspired me so much that i am on the computer for hours looking at videos and i am only in 5th grade! I LOVE your videos and i love the snowflake one and i made like 20 of them for my class and i really like to see more of your video. lately my parent are busy and i dont get to go to the store to buy the paper so i would really like to win the giveaway and i think dont think i would. it would really help alot. also i am doing bigger things in origami and even made the effel tower! as i have said u inspired me and really hope i get 1 n i love u so i hope theres not 2 many people lol. bye happy folding

Hello Sara! You're in my favorites for more than two years, and since then I always visit your channel every day. I am a lover of Origami, I do it from 7 years old, and you helped me in learning. I do not have much access to purchase paper I use any paper to make my Origamis, so PLEASE pick me!

PS: When I say "any paper" I'm not cursing the paper because the paper before it was a beautiful tree, which provide oxygen, so I will make a precious use of it. Let's stop deforestation in excess!!

Hi Sara, it is Joe... again
I hope I am not annoying you.
My comments were the ones that were sent at 4 April 2011 10:06 PM and 5 April 2011 4:32 PM.
It is just that everybody is sending in such good comments I think to even have a chance I should tell you a bit more about myself.
so as you already know (or as I hope!) I am 11 and am from Ireland.
I haven't been doing origami for very long but am seriously hooked!
The way it all started for me was my big brother (Conor) borrowed an origami book from a friend and I have been addicted ever since!
My special interests in origami are tessellations, modulars/boxes and insects.
I am not really a designer but I have invented a few weird models like my batman.
My favourite designers are Jeremy Shafer, Robert J.Lang and Tomoko Fuse.
So I guess that is it, again really hoping to get that paper.

Yours Joe


So wonderful video. Your folding videos are so great .
It's a big hope i could win some of the papers .

Hi, it's me Yulinda and I'm from Indonesia. (you can search for Indonesia in the map or Wikipedia.org, since it's soooo far away from your country, it's from another continent...)
So, I just found out about this website maybe 2 years ago, when I got hooked to origami. My parents used to give me a lot of origami paper (sadly, Indonesian origami paper is bad, worse than wrapping paper), so I've been taught about origami since kindergarten. The first time I know about types of origami paper, and another way to make origami paper (really, that "How To Make Tissue Foil" is really interesting! I gave origami "The Last Waltz" with that paper to my friend, and she was thrilled!), is from your blog. When I saw this, I wonder If I can really have someone sending me an origami paper, and from another continents. I was thrilled even to think about it! I thought it will be cool. And maybe, we can exchange our origami and share more about origami.
And I thought, it is very nice of you to send origami papers to your viewers. I am sure you are very generous, since not all paper are cheap, right?



I'd estimate the pack to be worth about 20 USD. So yes, not all papers in there are cheap. :)

-- Sara

Hi Sara,
It's me again. Well, nowadays I'm interested in tracing paper. I cut them into squares and colour it, then I fold it into many Kawasaki Roses. It's really cute! Since the paper is pretty translucent, we can almost see the creases we've made. But it's still cute, anyway. Well, because there's no translucent paper in Indonesia, that's why I use tracing paper and then colouring it with acrylic paint. It looks nicer that way, somehow. Well, if you have natural paper, we have cute-patterned paper. Some of them patterned with flowers, dots, and fruits. But it's as thick as printing paper. Would you like to try it?



hi sara this me mohit dandekar from india.................
i wanna have those papers........
i simply loved the elephant hide and the duo coloured papers......

Hello Sara!

Your instructionals video are amazing! It is always clear. I like it!
The papers are great. I am Pavel and I am from Czech republic.

I wish you a lot of great folding models!
Best regards.

Thats some great paper! Out of all those my favorite has to be tant, I use it for almost everything. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Wow, what a giveaway, I can never find anywhere to get good papers where I live

WOW! I would like that paper. Please, please, please.

May you receive many blessing for your generosity.

Hey Sara,
It's Nardine from Egypt, I really wish for a chance to win some of these paper.
by the ways it's a great idea.
tschuss :)

Hello Sara,
I truly hope you have also read your e-mails. that is how i sent my comments. I bet you didn't expect such a response. You have a bigger influence on me, and on all of us, than you thought. Hope you do make other packs to give away. I am so anxious to see the winner. Thanks again, Sara.

Donna Légaré

Is this pack of pacon paper squares, double sided or colour on one side and white on the other.
By the way which do you prefer?

The Pacon paper squares have the same color on both sides. One side is slightly more shiny, the other a bit rougher. For videos I usually use paper that has a different color on each side. When I fold for myself it depends on the model. If the model has no duo effect, I actually prefer paper that has the same color on both sides. At the same time, for first folds I usually prefer paper that has a white side, so that I can follow the diagrams more easily (they often shade the colored side).

-- Sara

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