Happy New Year 2011!

Happy New Year 2011!


maybe my points don't fit to this topic, but it's the latest post and I thought you would look at that and answer...
so, first I want to thank you for your videos and your effort, they are really, really great.

What I actually want to ask you is whether you fold all your models from diagrams or if you also use crease patterns. Because I'm really interested in crease patterns (they are easier to get than the diagram), but I don't have the slightest idea how they work. So if you know that, it would be cool if you could make a video on it. Maybe you also know some websites or so, where crease patterns are explained.
Or I don't know how much you know about the mathematics on that origami is based on... but that would also be interesting (ok, maybe that is too much, I demand..).
All this should be an inspiration to make videos about the background of origami. Maybe also techniques like wetfolding, different papers for different models...

And.. I know that it is much work to do those videos, but maybe (and if you have the book and the permission) you could do some models from "advanced origami" by Michael G. LaFosse (for example the turtle or the hummingbird, if they aren'T too difficult).

Ok that was a long comment..
Anyway, thanks for your videos and that are all just suggestions. Maybe you could realize one.

Greetings from Germany

1. I fear I haven't folded much from crease pattern, and definitely not enough to make an instructional video on it. I do say a bit about (quite simple) crease patterns in my new "tessellesson": http://www.happyfold... - but I think you are searching for something different.

2. If you want to see some wet folding in action, check some of Stephan Weber's videos: http://www.youtube.c... -- I'll have to see whether/when I'll make an instructional video on wet folding.

3. I fear I won't be presenting videos on Michael LaFosse's designs, and for one reason only: Michael LaFosse does superb origami videos himself. :) Check http://store.origami...

Best wishes, and happy folding,

-- Sara

Hello Sara, and thanks for the promo video with the channels. I didn't know about origami-live until now. Anyways this isn't about the next promo( because I don't have an account, although I want one) but it is about the ad. I watched the Toshiba one and thought is was well made. So I was wonder if you could post a ad like that about origami sometime.

Hi, thanks for your videos, please can you make some videos of models by Michael Lafosse, Roman Diaz (hippocampus), or Neal Elias (llopio's moment of truth) ?

I fear I won't be doing any instructional videos on models by Michael LaFosse. He does great instructional videos himself. :)
I'm not sure when/whether I'll be presenting another model by Roman Diaz, will have to talk with him about it first (and decide what I'd like to present).
As to Llopio's Moment of Truth, it's on my list, and will definitely be happening this year.

-- Sara

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