Jack in a Box

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An Origami Box with a Surprise inside


That's an awesome jack in the box you got there... I've seen the diagrams for it and sadly, get lsot on the pre-creases. Anyways, it would be sweet if you could make a movie on how to fold it.

You must see Max Hulmes Jack-in-the-Box. One Piece 2x1 - the best there is (yet) in my opinion. Published in Eric Kenneway's ABC of Origami. First Published in Bos Magazine 61 - illustrated by myself.
Diagrams available from the British Origami Society Library.

Best Wishes


I was trying to fold the jack in the box with the diagrams but it is way to hard could you maybe do a video because a lot of your videos have helped me through really hard models for me Please I would appreiciate it a lot

I have only made one origami module which is called Fireworks and I am starting to like origami and I am asking if you can please make a video on how to made a Jack in a Box because its my next project.

Thank you.

thank you.
Big fan.

Thats cool and awesome!!

that's one cute design, really love the end result. I am not good at folding papers to make something like this unless it's a paper rocket..lol. but will check your pdf diagrams to see whether I can do it. :D


Hi Sara
I have started to fold the Jack in the box but i can't make step 12. What should I pull out?
Can you help me, please?

You'll have to tell me which step 12 you are having trouble with - the box, the spring, or the jack?

-- Sara

A friend of me came to me and helped.
But although thanks.

That's because I used wrapping paper, which was much too soft. Copy paper isn't soft, so the spring will be stiff enough to expand with enough power.

-- Sara

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I honestly don't know anymore. However, one could guess that the side length of the box in the video was say... 5cm. Then the paper I started with would have had to have the dimensions 30cm by 60cm. I think what you really want to know is which size paper to start with to get a box of a specific size. So: If you want your box to have a side length of x cm, then start with a sheet with the dimensions of 12*x cm by 6*x cm.

-- Sara

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