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Origami book: "Works of Satoshi Kamiya: book arrived


Ohhh, please do an instructional video on the Yellow Bird! That would be unbelievably awesome! =D

i got this book and many others downloaded from a torrent.
Why bother paying for it?

Well, first of all, it's illegal. But it seems many people aren't bothered by that.
So here's some reasoning as to why you should buy a book, rather than steal it (and probably the reason it's illegal):

There are actually people out there that spend many hours weeks months designing models and diagramming them. It is because of these people that we can fold exquisite models. I believe many people out there don't realise it's actually people doing serious work that leads to such a big variety of models. And they further don't realise that these people also have to make a living. By selling books, for example. After all, designers could also choose to (a) not waste their time diagramming models, (b) not design models at all, or just (c) choose not to share with others how to fold these models. And be sure that if (almost) no books are sold that many designers will choose not to diagram their creations, and they will choose not to make books that include those diagrams. So by stealing you hurt yourself, as well as others that enjoy origami (and are willing to get diagrams legally).
It is also about recognition. Do you not think that their effort is worth your money? Then, I fear, you haven't grasped the spirit of origami, and you have no respect for it whatsoever, nor for the people that stand behind it.
It makes me mad to hear such words, as well as very sad. I don't know where society went wrong for so many people out there being so very egoistic. It seems many people don't mind stealing, as long as they don't see a high risk of being caught. Even worse, they have no inhibitions to brag about their stealing. And getting copyrighted material without permission (eg. by buying) is stealing.
Maybe this is something you should think about - and hopefully you will come to the conclusion that your previous behaviour was wrong - and that you will change it for the better.

And before anyone comes and says that my videos aren't much different than downloading diagrams illegally:

I have made a point of asking designers for their permission on making instructional videos. With this I hope to promote origami *and some superb designers*. I give a reference of where diagrams can be found (where possible), and do hope that those viewing the videos and enjoying them will buy books from the designers. After all, having diagrams is still very different to watching a video, and there are by far more models out there that I could ever make a video of each one. By giving some examples of what is in books I do hope though, that viewers will be tempted to get the book to explore what other models it includes. Also, it is easier to follow my videos if you also have a look at the diagrams. Similarly, it's most probably easier to fold a model from diagrams when additionally having a video on how to do it. Some things are easier displayed in a book, and others in diagrams.

Am I too idealistic to think that people will actually go out there and buy books, because they have found a joy in doing origami? Am I naive in thinking my videos might accomplish this? I don't know, but I still believe there are decent people out there that actually do care, that will recognise the work designers put into their creations.

I may also add that I wouldn't be doing these videos without the belief that I can promote origami and inspire people to buy origami books. I don't earn any money with these videos, and I spend many hours preparing them. So by supporting the designers, you are also showing respect for my work. Any praise or criticism I get is appreciated, but actions are heavier than words. So if you like designs that I promote in my videos, do consider buying the books they're diagrammed in. Because I can guarantee that there are plenty more designs in those books that are absolutely fantastic. It's not like you're getting nothing out of buying a book, after all. Realistically speaking, you get much more than you're paying for. And that only works because designers will count on selling many copies of their books. Not just one that can be scanned and then put online so others can go ahead and "get diagrams for free". In the end, it's not "getting diagrams free", it's stealing them by modern means.

Basically what Sara is trying to say is that those who get it from a torrent are kind of pirating. WHo ever created the torrent probably did not have the copyrights to the book unless it was the author itself(but thats unlikely).

My daughter loves origami, I will have to pass your site along to her. The videos are a wonderful touch. It is so much easier when you can actually see it done in real time.

Is there anyway for me to buy he book work of satoshi kamiya on9 or easier way since i cant travel so far to neither japan nor usa

hi sara i was wanting to know if you could make a video on the ancient dragon if thats ok whith you because i know it would be a very long and hard video please reply

An instructional video - definitely no. The ancient dragon needs several hours to complete, so an instructional video would be ... at least a day long, and need expert skills. I've attempted this model 3 times now (and failed three times). Twice I did record while I was folding. But to give you an impression on scale: I think I got about half way through every time, and each time spent about 7 to 8 hours. [Granted, it took longer, because I puzzled over some steps, but still.]

i know if tried the ancient dragon 1 time and the divine dragon 2 times the are very hard and complex the diagrams were not that good do you know were i can get some good instructions please reply

hi sara this is a big request but can you plz make a video for the origami aien plz reply

I fear I'm not sure which model you mean. Please clarify.

-- Sara

On origami house.com where is the buy it now on if you wan't to use PayPal?

In what level would this be if you made a viedio of making it?

I'd probably rate the "yellow bird" model as an intermediate project. I'd have to fold it again to really know, it might be that some procedures warrant it to be classified as high intermediate.

-- Sara

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Mucha suerte en tus pelgados

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Hi sara,
What paper size and type would you think would be the best to fold satoshi kamiya's ancient dragon or bahamut?


I've folded the ancient dragon from an 48cm square of double tissue paper, and that worked quite well. I think the bahamut is not quite as complex as the ancient dragon, but I haven't folded it yet. I guess for both models using an approx. 50cm square (20in) is a good way to go. You can always use smaller paper in later folds, after all.

-- Sara

man you helped me a lot. i need help on the tutorials and bahamut/ancient dragon....

How much is the book in american money I have look everywhere but I cant find the price

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