Large Models

Small and large origami models


one thing I'm wondering, where do u get huge pieces of foil paper?

I actually didn't use foil paper, but wrapping paper. While it has the looks of foil paper, it's much more plasticy, and thus quite much harder to fold with. Still, I think it was worth the effort.

Totally agree with that. It's much cooler when you fold with it i think. You should try the dragon in flight with wrapping paper! That would be awesome:D
I made one with plain foil, but it tears easily, so I cant fold that many hard models with it

you are very good at Origami and look like an expert

you rock dudet (i am a fan)

Hi,Sara!You are very good at origami!!!And i think if you use the program treemaker,you will create very beautiful models.

Hi, Sara... I was just wondering what size paper you used for the Stegosaurus???

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