Reprint of "Creating Origami" by JC Nolan


"Creating Origami" by JC Nolan - Reprint?!

tl;dr*: If you'd like to see "Creating Origami" by JC Nolan reprinted visit http://www.kickstart... before Monday, June 4th 2012.

* too long; didn't read - in other words, beware, this is a longer post. :)

We all know the problem: many great origami books are published, but often they go out of print faster than we'd like. And that means that it gets increasingly hard to get a hold of those book.

This has also been true for the book "Creating Origami" by JC Nolan.

"Creating Origami" was released in 1995 and is unique in that it not only includes diagrams, but in particular features essays on how JC's models were designed. He writes about how he started to design, which tools and techniques he used, which approaches to designing he explored, how examining existing bases brought new insights and inspired further bases, and more. This personal report at the same time is a guide for aspiring designers, so that they get an idea on how to approach the often daunting task of inventing your first own models. Or is simply an exquisite read for the interested folder (like myself).

The essays in JC's "Creating Origami" are backed by several fantastic designs, which are divided into two sections: "Inspirations", featuring traditional models, as well as models by designers Patricia Crawford and Fred Rohm; and "Creations", featuring some of JC's own designs. Notably, he diagrammed the models he already mentioned in the first part of the book, "Experimentations" (the essays), which gives special insight into both the design process as well as a deeper understanding of the models presented.

For those interested, a full table of contents of the models diagrammed can be found at http://creatingoriga... - and http://creatingoriga... also features some excerpts from the essays in the book.

As mentioned, "Creating Origami" has the unfortunate fate of being extremely hard to get a hold of. Only 500 copies were ever printed. At the same time, the essays (and diagrams) make it a unique and very desirable book. That's why JC has decided to attempt getting "Creating Origami" updated and reprinted. Of course this needs work and time, but notably also funding. While JC has already put time and work into this project, funding is still lacking. That's why JC has decided to use to raise those funds.

This means you can help ensure that "Creating Origami" is reprinted!

Plus, every person that contributes can expect rewards. For example, if you back the project with at least $25, you can get a copy of the reprinted "Creating Origami" (at no extra charge). It's somewhat like buying a book before it's printed (or in this case: reprinted) - just that you also help ensure it is indeed printed!

There are also other rewards available - depending on how much you pledge (starting at $1). For example, if you're obsessed with the book like me and would like to get one of the original copies from the 1995 edition, you can back the project with $150 (or more). I will note, though, that only four such rewards are available as JC only has 5 copies left. And as mentioned, I already snatched one of them. :)

More details are available on the project page http://www.kickstart...

I encourage you to check it out and decide whether you, too, want to support JC in his endeavor to reprint "Creating Origami" and make it available for sale again. The campaign will only run for 26 days, until June 4th 2012.

For me it was an easy decision to back the project. I had the great opportunity of reading some excerpts from "Creating Origami". It was immediately clear to me that I wanted to have a copy and be able to read the full texts. But perhaps more importantly, I really want to see this work made available to the origami community again. It's a work that is really well written, both interesting and educating - and truly inspiring. It'd be a shame to not have it more widely available again.


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