Origami Beetle Recommendations: What to Fold July 2015

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Origami Beetle Recommendations: What to Fold June 2015

Do you love origami insects? Then try folding these ten origami beetles following tutorials from other YouTubers!


Just wanted to say... the thumbnail for this video on the "videos" page says June 2014. Also, thank you for making these videos accessible to everyone who visits your site & channel. Are you planning on doing a video for anything complex like these?

Thanks for making me aware of the thumbnail error - it's fixed now.
As to presenting super-complex models in my videos: there currently aren't any super-complex models on my list of upcoming video tutorials, mostly because I fear I cannot commit that time right now. Things are extremely hectic and busy. :/
But I do hope at some point things will calm down a bit and then I can look into presenting at least a complex model.

-- Sara

Just wanted to thank you for making the best tutorial videos. It is a art all by it self.

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