Origami Donation Recommendations: What to Fund August 2015 (Special Edition)

Origami Donation Recommendations: What to Fund August 2015 (Special Edition)

In a special edition of my origami recommendations series, rather than suggesting what to fold, I'm suggesting three origami projects to fund! I hope you like this twist of the series, and happy donating!

Project Connect: http://origamiusa.or...
Children's Hospital Origami: http://www.gofundme....
Send VOGEL to Vancouver Fashion Week: http://igg.me/at/vogel


Many folders as myself find it very difficult, if not impossible, to attend OUSA conventions do to cost and/or time constraints.
You video suggests the idea of streaming some of the convention content. This year OUSA did a little of that. However the problem of streaming is that again, many people are busy doing other things at the time of the streaming video. OUSA did not archive these videos so that they could be watched at a time convenient to the viewer. If convention organizers are really interested in bringing content to as many people as possible, it is a no brainer that this should not only be live streamed, but available in immediately archived format to be available for watching at the viewer's convenience. This is something that is not a big deal from a technology point of view and is often done at other web sites. As a person of influence, I think you should pass along this obvious idea to the powers that be at OUSA.

Hi Ira,

yes, that's one of the very first things I mentioned when I heard of the project. :)
And I believe they already had planned to do that.

-- Sara

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