Your Origami Folds November 2015: Sakura Star (Ali Bahmani)

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Flowers & Plants

Your Origami Folds November 2015: "Sakura Star" (Ali Bahmani)

Here are the pictures you sent me showing your folds of the "Sakura Star" designed by Ali Bahmani or one of its variations. Thanks for all your submissions!

Your websites:

Claudia origami-time: http://origami-time....
Felix Suerbe: http://fsorigami.wee...
Clint Yang:

Background music: "Daytime TV Theme" by Kevin MacLeod
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To take part in the next "Your Origami Folds" send a photo of your fold of a "Triphilia" tessellation discovered by Robin Scholz to by December 12th 2015. Be sure to include a message allowing me to use your photo in the video.


I know that you have gotten a lot of requests to do this model, so I was wondering if you were planning on doing it any time soon?

~Damian Preklopiti ♥♦♣♠

Happy New Year, Sara! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed (and, of course, origami-filled) 2016!

~Damian ☺

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