Time Lapse: Pegasus (Satoshi Kamiya)



can you make a video on the origami pegasus by satoshi kamiya?


Sorry, no. Satoshi Kamiya does not want instructional videos posted online, and I respect his wish.

-- Sara

Satoshi kamiya pegasus

I have a pdf of the book and I tried it but I got stuck on step 31. I will try again today or tomorrow. Just curious if you could tell me what creases to undo and which to keep closed? I am really stuck.

Never mind

Never mind. I finally got it (I think). I had to mess with other layers for about five minutes, but it finally looks like 32.

[same person as above] I

[same person as above]

I FINALLY FINISHED IT! The front legs came out crappy and then my little brother unfolded it. Sux, but at least I finished it. Will make another one in a few days.


this is awesome but can u plz slow it down D:

last waltz

FINALLY!!! I have been looking for instructions/video/diagrams of this for over a year. Thank you SO much for yours!


I kind of got lost around the first second or so. Might want to slow it down just a bit lol very good I have that book and I tried it and cannot even do the simplest of them. Keep up the good work(:

Great model

I'm definately gonna buy that book! And... what kind of paper were u using? Is it some sort of metallic paper?

Actually, I used cheap

Actually, I used cheap wrapping paper. I found it some time round Christmas 2005. It has a bit of the feel of paper backed foil, but it's a bit more plasticy than the real stuff. Still, not a bad deal.


he he... THATS AWESOME!!!!!!! but, could you make a slow version?



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